New Humble Indie Bundle May Be The Best Yet

The word awesome is criminally overused. It may actually now be meaningless. But when I say the latest Humble Indie Bundle is 'awesome'. I mean it's awesome. Really.

Here are the games that come with the package.

- Super Meat Boy - Jamestown - Nightsky - Bit.Trip Runner - Shank

Also, if you pay more than the average you get two extra games: Cave Story+ and Gratuitous Space Battles.

Incredible. Obviously you can pay what you want, but the average purchase price at time of writing is $5.01 and I would probably pay a lot more than that considering the incredible value of each of these games. Embarrassingly enough, I still haven't played everything in this package, so I think I'll most likely be jumping in on this one.


    This is an instant purchase for me.

    Well, it should have been but I found out when I was on the bus and couldn't throw my wallet at my phone. So it's being purchased now.

      You could totally have thrown your wallet at your phone... It may not be a valid method of purchase, but you could have done it... WHERE'S YOUR DEDICATION SON!??!

        I keep my wallet in my back pocket.

        It's just not efficient to do something like that on the bus.

        I have thrown my wallet at my computer monitor though. It made an email appear in my inbox saying that I bought the Humble Indie Bundle. So apparently it is a perfectly legitimate way to pay.

          I can't wait until NFC is placed in monitors and this becomes a legitimate way to purchase online :D

    hnnnnnng, must wait until I get paid...

      Have you tried throwing a promise to pay at your screen?

    I might wait for it to get a bit cheaper, but it is probably the best bundle yet.

      don't be a friggin tightarse.

      It's a "pay what you want" system. Unless you mean waiting for the average price to go down, there really isn't much opportunity for it to get cheaper.

    Makes me wish I had monies on my debit card :(

      This. I may have to put $10 just to go to the bundle. i think it's completely worth it.
      And especially from the Article I read yesterday, Child's play really helps the sick children

    Super Meat Boy and Cave Story sold it for me, and I already have Super Meat Boy on 360, it's bloody (pun intended) good!

    Jamestown is worth the cost of entry alone. Best shmup I've ever played, and I normally can't stand anything from the genre.

    Great looking set up, and I haven't played any of these games - except Cave Story - before. Definitely buying when I get home form work. Not to mention that I love that the Red Cross is now being offered as a charity. This'll be my first Indie Bundle.

    I woke up, saw this and bought. BEST. BUNDLE. YET.

    If this thread doesn't top the 'most comments' list on K-Au today, I will be very sad indeed.

    How much is, "way above" the average price. I want to get Cave Story+

      Just paying above the average price will get you the bonus stuffs. So if the average price is $5.01, then $5.02 will do the trick.

    They really should think about slowing down on the Indie bundles. There's a finite amount of good indie games and a finite amount of money to go around.

    Personally I'll be skipping as I own half of these already. :(

    I was going to say you were crazy, the last bundle had Aquaria! Then I saw this had Cave Story, so it's close.

    I'll probably pick this one up soon.

    Luckily I don't have any of these games yet this time around. This'll be the forth bundle I've bought so far, I should probably start paying more than $10 for them though...

    got all but one game already again, but will purchase for that and the DRM-free versions of the others.

    As much as some folks say these crazy bundles and discounts hurt indies with the prices, I think it solves a whole other issue - I may not want to spend $10-$20 on a game in one go, but I can spend that much over time if I think something is worth it. So often I'll hold out for a 75% off sale on indie titles, but if it's a good game and shows up in a bundle then I can send a few more dollars to the devs and a few to charity - it's like an awesome subscription system where you pay a few dollars a month and get to keep everything! :D (not to mention that it means any respective DLC is rarely a rip off since it factors neatly into the process)

    It's interesting seeing that windows users are the cheapest and linux users are the most generous haha must be all the spare money saved not buying an over priced OS

      I think it's also because not many games are Linux compatible, so Linux users are pathetically grateful for what they can get.

      I say this as a Linux User myself, and a recent purchaser of the latest Humble Bundle.

    Pretty much sold with the inclusion of Super Meat Boy alone. I've long been interested in that, and even picked up the physical edition when seeing it in stores (what with being a materialist whore and all that), but the moment I saw "requires Steam" on the box, I put it down again.

      Yeah, who wants to use Steam? There must be like 2 people that use Steam anymore...?

      Why would it's use of Steam be a negative? Just some of the benefits of Steam:
      - Never have to worry about CDs ever again
      - Can chat to friends while playing
      - During frequent steam sales, you pickup games for an absolute STEAL

    Are these all able to be activated on steam?

      Yep I just bought it and added all to Steam.

    I saw Jamestown and decided I will purchase it. Cave Story+ is a bonus but all the games look pretty great. Just went with whatever the default price was (about $25) so everybody gets something decent. :)

    quick question, i already have Super Meat boy, am i able to trade it off to a mate before redeeming the steam code?

      oh wait nvm, i cant :'(

    I already have Super Meat Boy and Shank but I'll gladly throw money at this.

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