New, New Hitman? Maybe!

At least a new Hitman trademark. Square Enix Europe recently trademarked "Hitman: Profession". Not to be confused with 2012's Hitman: Absolution, this could be either a new Hitman, DLC, or a port. [Siliconera via Multiplayer]


    it could be but SE Montreal is making a Hitman game, and taking the reins of the franchise from IO interactive so they can make something thats not Hitman and is better than Kane and Lynch. But hey they could put a piece of rotting feces in the box and it would be better than kane and lynch dog days.

      Could it be... Freeeedom Fighters? Man, I loved that game.

    Could be a ps vita game?

    This will be the new Hitman they announced a month ago that the new SE Montreal will be working on, still 2-3 years minimum until it sees light of day

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