New Pokemon Game Is Not What You Expected

For years now, a steady stream of new Pokemon games have been released. If you've played one, you basically know what you are getting yourself into. Not this time.

Nintendo is teaming up with Tecmo Koei for a totally different Pocket Monster experience, one that features samurai warriors, and called Pokemon Plus Nobunaga's Ambition.

The game is, according to Famitsu, a "historical simulator", and looks to be the latest in Koei's long line of Nobunaga's Ambition role-playing simulation video games.

Nobunaga's Ambition are set during the Sengoku feudal period in Japan.

Recently, Koei has done a series of collaborations with other studios to make titles like Gundam Musou and One Piece Kaizoku Musou.

Pokemon Plus Nobunaga's Ambition is slated for the Nintendo DS and will be out next autumn in Japan. Further details are expected at a later date.

ポケモン最新作「ポケモン+信長の野望」がジャンプフェスタでお披露目 [4Gamer]

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    Cool, cool. Still hoping for an MMO though.

      Noticing how all the characters have a similar pokemon made me think: will we only have one pokemon? That actually sounds pretty awesome.

      A Pokemon MMO would go against everything Nintendo wants the Pokemon franchise, as well as the 3DS, to do. Pokemon and the 3DS are all about going outside and getting fresh air while meeting your friends and strangers and striking a connection through the games this way. Pokemon doesn't need to be an MMORPG, it already is, or rather should be, an MMRRPG - Massively Multiplayer Real-world RPG. The idea of not requiring to leave your house and go out on your own adventure and meet people in the real world with their own Pokemon is frowned upon by Nintendo.

      Someone is probably going to a put [citation needed] tag here for me but sorry I don't remember which interview I read this in. =(

        "Pokemon and the 3DS are all about going outside and getting fresh air while meeting your friends and strangers and striking a connection through the games this way"

        You're deluded if you think this is how anyone plays with their 3DS. At the very most, 'getting fresh air' with the 3DS involves playing it at a coffee shop on their WiFi rather than at home. The whole Streetpass thing is a gimmick and has nosedived after the first couple weeks of launch. There's no way to trade friend these hits, or contact them after if you bumped into them in the street. It just gives you a character and point to spend in minigames.

        Combine the terrible battery with the need for WiFi for multiplayer rather than 3G, it means you'll also be stuck hovering around a hotspot rather than actually moving around. There's no 'pinky promise' or MO for what Nintendo does, they'll do whatever makes sense and if they MMO model was so unattractive to them, wonder why they're now pimping Monster Hunter as hard as they can with the Circle Pad.

          It's not how anyone plays their DS/3DS, but I think it's the way Nintendo wanted them to. You also don't need Wi-fi or 3G for the DS/3DS to communicate with one another, so that argument is besides the point. Monster Hunter isn't even an MMO, so I don't know why you're bringing that up.

    Well this should be interesting.

    As much as I love KOEI, Dynasty Warriors and all of the earlier pokemon games, I'm not entirely sure if this will work out. Time will tell, I will be watching with uncertainty.

    so its Sengoku Basara with Pokemon?

    Pokemon is in dire need of a revamp. I'll probably get this for my DS when it comes out.

    Pokemon Sengoku?


    (Although a Tokugawa Pokemon would be awesome.)

    Well It's a nice approach to Making Pokemon a well know name.
    Instead of spending time and time again perfecting the same formula they had.
    It's nice to see something new.

    they seem to go so well together!

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