New Vita Commercial. Not Bananas!

Did you see the first Japanese Vita commercial? It was nuts. There's a new PS Vita commercial for the US, and, surprise, it's totally not crazy.

The "coming soon" trailer is actually straightforward and easy to follow. There's this thing called the Vita. It has buttons and thumbsticks and a camera and video games. Got it, thanks!

Coming Soon [YouTube]


    Not enough to distance itself from the previous version. Just like Nintendo.

    Can't these adds be better? Maybe some words about the features? Touch screen wasn't even hinted at.

    Honestly, that Japanese Vita commercial was pretty damn tame (odd but far from nuts) and this one is just boring. It reminds me of corporate promotional material from the 90's. I was half expecting the word "SYNERGY" to flash on the screen.

    If Sony really want the Vita to kick arse they need to come up with better promotional material, get rid of the proprietary memory cards (then again Sony are infamous for never learning their lesson so I doubt this will change) and focus on quality titles instead of crazy range. The PSP had the latter and sure it sounded cool but when you got down to it a good 90% of the titles sucked balls. Taking some tips from Nintendo would be a smart move.

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