Nintendo Already Died When....

Nintendo isn't the king of gaming. It's the cat, and it seemingly has nine lives. Yet, even after every "disaster", there Nintendo is, still churning out games and hardware.

This list does a decent job of striking that nerve — even if some of the things listed are reaching just a bit.

Nintendo is Dommed! [NintendoFuse]


    Nintendo really are the great surivior of the industry, after the gamecube I was ready to write them off as I saw a downward spiral from %90 market share in the NES days to %50 in the 16bit era to %20-%30 with the N64 and GC..But the DS and Wii were ridiclous sellers.
    I think it's because games are all they do, they have no T.V. or operating system buisness to fall back on, so they will just never quit.

    The only reason i have a Wii and a DS is because of one word.... ZELDA. This one word will also be the reason i buy a Wii U.

      Nah, I'm all zelda'd out. I only played the 2 ds games this year, replayed ocarina, and the FOUR games out on the 3ds (original, 2, four swords and now minish cap???). And thats not even counting skyward sword.

    What a load of crap, Nintendo are a lot smarter than Microsoft and Sony who battle it out year after year for the some 'hardcore gamer' target market. Nintendo diversified and targeted 'everyone else', they had people buying consoles that would normally wouldn't be interested, soccer mums doing yoga, and young kids hitting a tennis ball. they were also selling more units than sony and MS put together despite the fact their hardware was a generation behind.
    If anything kills nintendo, it'll be shovelware. the big titles are still great fun

    I wouldn't say 'survivor' more as 'innovator'. Nintendo are willing to take risks, which more than often pay off (and their competitors end up copying a couple years down the track...). I honestly see little point to an xbox or PS3 these days (besides a handful of exclusives) when my PC plays the exact same games in the exact same way, but often at higher performance rates. Heck, I can even plug in a 360 controller and hook my laptop up to my TV screen...

    I look to Nintendo for a different way of playing games, and they provide it!

    I forgot about some of these. It makes me a lot happier to remember that troubles for Ninty are nothing new, therefore a lot more likely that they'll pull through with some great innovation.

    I think it’s reasonable to say, that Nintendo know the gaming industry more than us gamers or journalists. They seem to defy the odds constantly and every time we laugh at their ridiculous new consoles etc., we are stumped when they succeed with them. It will be very interesting to see what the Wii U ends up doing.

    You know Nintendo are working on some Virtual Reality Helmet.

      I heard they are working on a glove that can control your game via magicks - they call it the POWER Glove.

        LOL - The Wii Remote to me proved that the Power Glove was ahead of its time!

    Cartoony Zelda and the DS were great ideas

      I agree.

      However, when Zelda: WW was released and the DS was released everyone was predicting the fall of Nintendo.

    I have to disagree with some of the points. Just because Nintendo has different approaches than Sony/Microsoft doesn't make them dead. DS is a great product and the games are great as well.

      Each point is crossed out. It was meant to imply that all of those things didn't kill Nintendo.

    Just because they made money as a company by catering to "grandmas and soccer moms" doesn't mean they were doing anything of interest to me as a gamer. That's why I don't really give a **** about which console is selling the most or who's making the biggest profits or whatever. If I was a shareholder I might care about those things, but I'm not - I'm just a consumer. So I don't really care how many Wii's Nintendo sold or how much money they made off it. As far as i'm concerned, the console is a complete and utter failure because mine is gathering dust and hasn't been played for over a year. Will probably be headed off to the charity donation bin in the new year.

    The DS, on the other hand, is still getting a reasonable amount of use, although I was disappointed that they never did a follow up to New Super Mario Bros on it (not a fan of the 3D Mario games like 64 and Galaxy - I like my Mario old school side-scrolling style). But the DS had enough good games that it's still getting a reasonable amount of use even now, about 4 years after I bought it.

      Commercial success, but a failed product that by most accounts is only occassionally used. Kind of like the Kia Carnavale - sold well despite being a completely shit car.

        You say you dont care about the sales of Nintendo Wii, yet you make a point to bitch and moan about. Are you sure you dont care? See i dont care how well or bad either ps3 or 360 does so i never comment on articles about these consoles, see thats not caring. But when you actually have to make a comment, well its hard to take your word seriously now is it.

        oh and the 'grandma and soccer moms', dust collecting and charity bin comment. If your trying to maintain you dont care, well you failed. Failed miserably.

    I almost outright disagree with every point made. lol.
    The only thing wrong with Nintendo is the game library with 3rd party developers.

    There's nothing wrong with making things 'cartoony', I actually find it refreshing not to see a video game with yellow and brown cellophane coating my screen.

    Nintendo know what they are doing, and will continue to for a very long time.

      Again, these are all things that people said in the past would kill Nintendo, but didn't, obviously.

    Can't believe there's no mention of the Virtual Boy.

    Wait aren't we supposed to disagree with every point? I mean that is the point of it right, that each seemingly 'doomed' decision was just a storm in a teacup, and were just haters/analysts predicting crap. Hence why the virtual boy is not on there, since it was actaully a bad decision.

    I consider 9 of those positives... and 4 negatives... go figure.

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