Nintendo Releasing A Lovely Zelda Art Book

As part of the franchise's 25th birthday celebrations, Nintendo has decided to release a nice big art book for The Legend of Zelda fans.

Called Hyrule Historia, it's 274 pages of concept and promotional art from throughout the series, while also including historical info on the characters and the games they've starred in.

So far only Japanese language and release details are known, the book due out on Dec. 21 and priced at ¥3255 (USD$41).


    Hmm, I'd like to own that. Although "concept art" would really only become relevant from the Ocarina of Time period onward.

      You obviously need to look up the art from Adventure of Link and the original Legend of Zelda. A lot of stuff mapped out on graph-paper, sure... but there are some truly epic pieces of art out there that the series still has yet to live up to.

      It's the stuff dreams are made of.

        Now that I think about it the 'awesome' art I'm thinking of might be from A Linke to the Past (and maayyybe Link's Awakening)... but still. The point stands. There's been some kickass art in the series even before Ocarina of Time.
        You owe your eyes the favor of finding some of those images. Invokes the imagination like crazy.

        There's a few of them. If someone else knows for sure the original games these were attached to I'd love to know. I've read that they were for Adventure of Link previously, but also can find people claiming they're from LttP and Link's Awakening as well... so I'm not sure.

        Either way. I still want to see a huge Zelda game that lives up to some of the images that are floating around out there. The blog linked shows a few of them, but there are several others I can't find/link to because I'm at work and the firewall is limiting.

    Oh my god, nerdgasm.

    Take my money, Nintendo. TAKE IT

    in english PLEASE Nintendo!!!


    I love game artbooks, but Nintendo almost never makes them The only one I have is a really old Fire Emblem one that's in Japanese (it came out well before the first FE was released here).

    Umm, that last image is from Akira Himekawa's Manga book on skyward sword, not the Art book.

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