Nintendo Starts Offering NES Classics On 3DS

Nintendo Starts Offering NES Classics On 3DS
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Nintendo not only gave its 3DS ambassadors — early adopters of the device — 10 Virtual Console classics for free, it also didn’t let anyone else buy them. That exclusive privilege appears to be headed to a close as the Japanese eShop has already listed Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, and will get Super Mario Bros. next week.

DualShockers notes that Nintendo is still holding out the Game Boy Advance titles ambassadors got two weeks ago, as a token of appreciation to them. No word on how long that will last.

3DS Ambassador Exclusivity is Over for NES Titles [DualShockers]


  • The only exclusive ones were the GBA games, since the beginning nintendo told us we will be able to get updated versions of NES games once they got to the eShop, but still it would be cool if nintendo were to upgrade the GBA titles even if them stop being exclusive for us.

  • i checked the store, no NES games.
    thanks for wasting my time by saying there’s something in the eShop which there isn’t, again.

    If this news was trying to say that there WILL be Nes games there IN THE FUTURE, that is old news. I knew this LAST YEAR. (2010)

  • I don’t mind if the GBA games are exclusive or not, I just hope other GBA games come to the eShop in the future. I want the younger generation to be able to enjoy classics like Golden Sun.

  • Sorry, I know this is off topic…. But could Nintendo and Sony give us smart phone versions of there hand helds! I end up reading more about games on my iPhone than playing real games.

    P.S Nintendo and Sony, if we buy your classic games again… Let us own them for life and let us move them to the next gen consoles each time.

    One device in my pocket at all times with all my games, Physical controls and my phone. Hurry up!! This is taking too long to get there and apple thinks its a .99c game company now.

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