Nintendo's Circle Pad Pro Hits Australia In February

We already sort of confirmed that Nintendo's Circle Pad Pro peripheral would be arriving on our shores in early 2012, but now it's confirmed confirmed, from the horse's mouth — the horse being Nintendo — that the device will be available in Australia from February 2.

As we mentioned before, the Circle Pad Pro is being released in conjunction with Resident Evil: Revelations. It will retail at $24.95.

It's a strange looking thing, the Circle Pad Pro, and a strange peripheral to be releasing so soon after the launch of the hardware itself. I can't be the only one surprised that the 3DS didn't have a second analogue controller at launch. It'll be interesting to see if many more games use the Circle Pad Pro in the future.


    I will be picking it up for Revelations. Sigh.

      As far as I know, I won't need it for Revelations, so I won't buy it. If it's not mandatory to play the game, why do I want it?

    I not sure if this has already been answered, but does the add on come in any colour other than black? Because while the black works well with the black 3DS, it's going to stick out like a sore thumb on any of the other colours. . .

      ...Sore Thumbstick! As ugly as it is, I will relish the comfort in the privacy of my own domain. Its not the sort of thing you take on safari though!

    Seriously I'm getting a bit pissed off by this whole thing, I paid $300 for my 3DS on release (and that was cheap). 6 months later and Dicksmith have it for $170 odd... That's nearly half the price.

    Ok Nintendo gave me those free games, I've probably spent a grand total of 15-20 minutes on all those games combined, bar 2 or 3.

    Now they want me to fork another $25 out for something which, as Mark says, probably should have been part of the original design? I don't think so Nintendo.

    Well we already know that Monster Hunter is also using the circle pad. Question is will it be released locally.

      Monster Hunter Tri and 4 both use it, Metal Gear and Resident Evil have all been confirmed to use it so far.

    As ridiculous as it looks, I'll probably get it with Revelations.

    At the very least I hope it means my giant hands will cramp up less while playing.

      Ditto (playing it for longer then 30-60 minutes makes my hands sore)

        Same, plus there's that old wives tale of "If you play with it too much it will fall off" to worry about.


        What are you talking about?

    I'll probably end up waiting for the 3DSi XL Super Mega Turbo Edition with the second stick built in.

      I'll remind you that the original DS and DS lite both had an addon that added a rumble feature. the feature was not built into any revisions of the DS & was unsupported after a short while.

        Yeah - but this was a fairly serious design limitation.

        Seriously, how the console was released without a second stick I'll never understand. Was there a shortage of nubs or something?

          Erm...i don't know if your a brand new Nintendo player or what but...Nintendo has NEVER done 2 analog's before. Ever. While it remains remarkable that they are releasing this, how are you suprised that it was left off the original design?

          Also, i didnt hear any of you crying about it at launch.

            You didn't hear me crying about it at launch because I didn't give a toss about the 3DS at launch, still don't really, it's too small for my hands, and there's no games I want to play on it.

            You mean a two analogues on a handheld? I don't see your point.

            The market has changed. The advantage dedicated portables offer over mobiles is mostly in dedicated controls (and performance for now). Further, they really should have been on the DS too (and any other 3D console), but that's moot.

            Also you belief that people weren't complaining at launch is untrue - they were saying it was a problem almost from the announcement. In fact, they were saying it was problem years before the announcement, in regards to the PSP and the DS (at least in its later years).

            Ultimately, this is why I decided not to buy a 3DS on launch, which I can't say I regret given the price drop. I also hope the revision has a better battery, but I can probably live with 5 hours.

    I kinda want to buy that thing for the ironic novelty of having something so stupid.
    Like how I got the 3DS to begin with.

    I'd like to find the Circle Pad Pro in a few years stashed away in a box and be like "what the heck is this thing! hahaha nintendo were whacko back then!".

    (Really though, this thing isn't needed. What's wrong with just using the touch screen, it is fairly close to the face buttons already. I'd understand if we were using the second pad for something that needs precision, but the camera angle? Comeon.)

      After using those binoculars in Super Mario 3D honestly they should just use the accelerometer for aiming - it does a decent job!

    Love to have it as an add on but I have a Nyko power pak installed on my 3ds. Hopefully, it is not a requirement for RE and MGS:SE.

    I think I'll have enjoyed the 3DS for what it delivered in 2011, the Mario games, then forget it and move onto the Vita. It has dual sticks - amazing.

    I'd rather spend the $25 on half a new game. The add-on is, of course, ridiculous. Had Nintendo not rushed the console out and made some better design decisions then it would not be as important now.

    Perhaps when the peripheral is on a clearance sale and essential to fully experience a great game of the future then Nintendo will receive more of my money. Heck, I still have Mario Kart 7 to get.

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