Nose-Pinched, The Wall Street Journal's Entertainment Blog Names Skyrim The Year's Best Game (Wired Loved It Too)

The Wall Street Journal's Adam Najberg likes playing some video games, which gives him a leg up on some of his colleagues, one of whom "despises all of them." (The love and hate is explained in this WSJ clip.) He's picked Skyrim as Game of the Year. "No detail was too small for the developers of this game," he raves.

FIFA 12 was his second-favorite.

Wired's GameLife has also picked Skyrim as 2011 GOTY. Their number two was The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Speakeasy's Top video game Picks of 2011 [The Wall Street Journal]

The 20 Best video games of 2011 [Wired's GameLife blog]


    No MW3, it is a good day :D
    I guess no 12 year olds work as journalists.

      Actually, it was in his top 5.

    Skyrim has tarnished this year for me.
    It's been an absolutely fantastic year for games, yet here we are at the end and all anybody can say is 'skyrim.' Mediocrity incarnate. Zzzz

    "No detail too small?"

    The lack of details is the biggest flaw in the game!

    I already had Skyrim at only #4 on my best games of the year, but I'm starting to get even more sick of it from the ridiculous hyperbole in the press coverage. It's even more ridiculous than the over-the-top praise for Demon's Souls a couple of years ago.

    Skyrim actually isn't a clear winner on my list. Too many bugs (I know a lot of people tend to look past the bugs if a game is good but I just can't do that especially when many of the bugs seem like obvious ones), shoddy ending and AI pathing issues to name a few. Not denying it was a good game, I just don't think it was a clear winner like many people are saying it is.

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