Notch Is No Longer In Charge Of Making Minecraft

Minecraft maker Notch has put long-time colleague Jens "Jeb" Bergensten in charge of further development on the recently-released game. "I feel very confident handing over the leadership of Minecraft to him", Notch blogs, saying he'll work on "some new project."


    I kinda didn't like that after Minecraft made him millions he started focusing on other more fun projects. I don't think we got the Minecraft we should of gotten.

      well if you take a look at his portfolio, its pretty easy to see that hes quite an ... interesting... programmer. I mean he's clearly not much of a creative type, so I agree that minecraft should of been better, but Notch isn't the one to give it to you.

        Thank god I’m not the only one who thought it should have been a lot better for a game with millions behind it. Stop playing games Notch and add a store to sell and buy things in your nice little villages. Maybe a tutorial mode while you’re at it, heck go nuts and add a quest/story mode.

    Made my millions off Minecraft, brb.

    No, this guy's control of minecraft has been out of control for a while now, he shouldn't have been making it from about the 2/3rds point.

    Let somebody competent work on the game so it can range anywhere from half decent to good.

    Not trying to be a dick, much, but when notch was buddies with a bunch of us, I willingly put in some cash to fund the ideas he proposed to us that were exciting and promising.
    And when you know you helped pay for develop for a game that made millions and those promises crumble, and you get THIS as the 'full game', its a little bit insulting.

      lol cry more chump.

      Minecraft is an amazing game and it is absolutely dirt cheap for the amount of hours of entertainment you get from it, could it be so much more? Yeah, but it ain't, it's good enough and it's made Notch millions.

      so cry moar.

    Are you guys bloody serious the amount of effort and programming skill Notch has put into this are incredible give him a bloody break guys Minecraft is an amazing game sure it may not be everything everyone wants it to be but who cares you enjoyed it right.....

    Hopefully Minecraft actually gets worked on now!
    He said himself he only works hard when deadlines are about to hit, and seeing as patches never really had a deadline.... you figure out the rest.

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