Notch Made Minicraft In 48 Hours -- Now You Can Play It

Earlier today we showed you this: Markus 'Notch' Persson livestreaming his entry into a 48 hour style Game Jam event. Now he's finished the game — called Minicraft — and you can play it.

It's sort of like Minecraft I suppose, you hit things, then harvest things. Eventually you're supposed to kill the 'Air Wizard' but I couldn't find him. So, the Air Wizard is totally alive and well, in my game at least.

For those that spent time watching Notch code like a madman on the livestream, this may be worth a bash. For those that didn't — well, go ahead and play it anyway. It's quite fun!


    So weird playing a game I just watched being coded live. Gotta love the internet :)

    I assumed these 48hr game jam things were more of a "hey lets make something new and different"

    ..why would he just make a dumbed down version of minecraft....

    Who am I to judge :P I can't make games. lol

      He's done other games in previous 48-hour challenges.

      Why wouldnt he? He only had 48 hours to code and test it, which included, eating, sleeping and pooping. And he had to start with nothing. He was hardly going to code a 3 part space action-drama with voice acting and a DLC pack was he :)

        Yeah because everyone else just coded a simple version of a game they already had too.

        The point is to make a game. Not remake something you already nearly have.

        He started with nothing last time just fine.
        And since when does notch test thing's.

          "And since when does notch test thing's."

          You're joking, right?

    I like his old stuff better than his new stuff

      Yeah he's too commercial now.

        I liked Notch before he was cool /hipster

          I never liked his stuff. Does that make me ultra hipster? Or just flamebait?

    one trick pony

    It's not very fun. Just like Minecraft!


    Played it. It's kinda lame. I could do something better with Game Maker in 4 hours.

      See, here's the thing. Notch made all of it from the ground up. He started with nothing.

      Difference being this was made from SCRATCH....coding at all...not using a third party GUI program.

      That said, I liked his older entries better, does seem a bit of a cheap shot to create something based on the code of something he's already sold. Then again, that's almost like saying you can't use prior experience to make the game, so w/e....still better than I can do.


        and agreed, I really liked the last one he did over this newer entry.

    Just downloading a decent IDE takes 48 hours here...

    Seems fun, but I've started it 5 times now. No pause, no save makes it very annoying to leave for a minute.

      Scratch that, press tab to pause... thanks Notch!

    'So, the Air Wizard is totally alive and well'

    90% of the people in this thread haven't coded a game before.

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