Notch Steps Down As Lead Developer On Minecraft

It almost feels as though Markus 'Notch' Persson and Minecraft are inextricable from one another, but now it appears as though we're going to have to separate the two, as Notch has stepped down from his Lead Developer duties on Minecraft, handing the keys over to Jens Bergensten who will be taking over his role.

"[It's a] scary move," said Notch, talking to Gamasutra, "but I feel strangely confident,I guess we've worked close enough for long enough for me to feel confident about it."

"He's exactly what Minecraft needs right now. He's a bit more mod friendly than I am, and we need to embrace mods more."

Notch is apparently working on "something new", and hopes to show more once he can find a prototype that "looks fun", but for new kid Bergensten the priority on Minecraft is making the game more mod friendly.

"The game needs an API, so end users can obtain the mods without hassle," said Bergensten. "I'm not going to do it all by myself though. We have a new programmer beginning in January, and we are talking to existing mod API teams, such as Bukkit, Minecraft Forge, and Minecraft Coder Pack."

Persson Hands Minecraft Lead To Jens Bergensten, 'Confident' About Move [Gamasutra]


    this was going to happen...

    At least notch is working on another project!

    wasn't native mod support supposed to be included by the time it went to 1.0?

    ah well, it normally doesn't take too long for major mods to be updated, so it's not a massive issue if it's not included for a while, I'd rather they got it right.

      Yes, natve mod support was suppose to be included. but notch got all caught up with the enderdragon texture and the animation when it dies. not to mention, fixing all the bugs with his crew.

      I think he worked well, witht ht time he was given. Ye i dont feel the game "Complete"
      I hoped the adventure update would incude more rewarding things when exploring. like having the villagers actually do something.
      I wish the mushroom biomes would be a bit more common. Just a tad bit, so i can see one.


    For the longest time I never thought of Notch as a 'lead developer' on Minecraft, but more as the guy who made it completely by himself, with every line of code and texture created by him personally.

    I forget sometimes that these days he's got a pretty decent sized company behind him, and Notch doesn't really own Minecraft.

    But yeah, it's gonna be weird when someone other that Notch is the one presenting new Minecraft features at conventions and whatnot.

    Uhm... he did that over two days ago and Kotaku is just covering it now?

      This is the first time I've seen KotakAU be late to the party!
      Usually it's the other way around. :)

      Maybe Mark just doesn't trust Logan with important news like this...

    Hoping this means someone who cares (or at least appears to) will take over the reigns. It always felt like Notch was just cruising through it, doing things at the last minute and basically sitting on his laurels.

    I'll never dispute the value for money the game provides - not for a second. It just always felt like it lakced some innovation or imagination once it went to beta-ish.

    It's odd, because I heard about this like over a week ago, but only recently did gaming news sites seem to report it.

    Maybe I stumbled across rumours or something.
    (Note: Not complaining about news being late, this isn't what I am doing at all) (and that wasn't sarcasm!)

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