Now That's A Zelda Tattoo

Marian von Charlottenburg had this badass Zelda tattoo done in Hamburg, Germany. Nice to see someone take the normally-clean heraldic image and mess it up a bunch.

My Triforce [Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!, via Gamefreaks]


    You spelt 'shit' wrong.

    Looks like it was drawn on with a pen.

    Not a fan.

    "Zelda" and "badass tattoo" do not go together.

    Better than any other Zelda based tatt I've seen. Very good work too, design/quality of inking wise.

    Not my idea of a "badass" tattoo. However, the tattooist has done an awesome job of giving the tattoo a "painted on" look

    I have a zelda tat and it pales to comparison of this bad boy!

    Now was that on purpose or he just saying that? People often come up with silly explanations for when things go horribly wrong.

    Awesome! Reminds me of the work of an artist called Leon Lam, very grungey inky/watercoloured look.

    More like this Kotaku! Love me some good gaming tattoo stories!

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