NSW Government Announces Support For Halfbrick, Nnooo And Others

NSW Government Announces Support For Halfbrick, Nnooo And Others

The NSW government has just announced that it will be helping fund a new wave of digital content creations in Australia, utilising funds from the $3 million strong Interactive Media Fund. Among the recepients are Halfbrick, who are in the process of opening a new studio in Sydney, and Nnooo — the creators of the critically acclaimed Escape Vektor.

The NSW government expects that the money will help Halfbrick and others create the next wave of successful Australian developed games.

“The worldwide gaming phenomenon Fruit Ninja will now grow even bigger with a new project to be led by a recently-formed Sydney team of the top Australian games developer Halfbrick Studios,” Mr Stoner said.

“Sydney-based developer Aidan Millott and colleague Dale Freya are currently hiring a new team of talented games developers for the new Halfbrick Sydney studio. “The new Sydney team will develop the next evolution of the Fruit Ninja games franchise. The new game will involve players launching a series of fruit to knock ninjas off their towers in a 3D world, with each fruit having special powers.

“The game, due out in 2012, will initially be developed for Apple’s iOS mobile operating system but will later be provided for other platforms including Android.”

The fund will also aid Nnooo finish off their current projects, which include 3DS augmented reality title Spirit Hunters.

The Interactive Media Fund will provide funding over the next three years to help support the growing digital sector in Australia.

“This fund will help NSW build its share of the high-value digital games sector which will be increasingly important in developing serious business and education tools, as well as entertainment games like the latest Fruit Ninja project,” Mr Stoner said.

“The global digital games market is expected to more than double to $53 billion by 2016 and mobile gaming to triple to $17.5 billion.”

2011 has been a difficult year for the local games industry, but this is great news for local developers and is hopefully proof that local government is aware of the growth potential of gaming.


  • This is pretty awesome news. I was getting sick of seeing local studios constantly folding. I mean I know that unsuccessful studios can’t just coast along on grants for the hell of it, but it’s nice to see the state government throw a little something their way.

  • Great new for Halfbrick of course but for Nnooo who are more silent achievers this will be fantastic, Escape Vektor is very underappreciated

  • Yeah because they need to support a studio that has some of the most popular apps in the world. Yet the NSW govt makes it virtually impossible for indie dev studios to get this exact same grant.

    • Yeah that is decent point. Surely it is means tested.

      Not that I am against Halfbrick opening a studio in Sydney (it’s about time), but really they must have had the money to do so already.

      I’m glad to hear Nnooo! got it though, I know those guys and one of my mates just working away quietly doing their thing.

      • It’s more what looks like a quick political win.

        Half Brick = sure bet on successful project based on govt funding. Indie Dev studios = no instant success for them to brag about.

        It’s totally about getting them down here to claim it as a NSW thing, Indie devs would simply be too much work.

  • This is great news!

    But I can’t help to think either Today Tonight or ACA will soon be doing a story on this which will include a bald headed or old spokesperson from some small religious group saying:
    “Why is the Government wasting all their money on funding development for titles such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto when clearly this money should be better spent on education and the good people of this nation … plus our church!”

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