OC ReMix's Latest Free Album Explores The Evil Tendencies Of 18 Bad-Arse Video Game Bosses

What happens when 20 top video game music remixers take on 18 of the biggest, baddest bosses ever committed to CD or cartridge? That would be OC Remix's 30th free album, BadAss: Boss Themes.

Only the amazing artists of the OC Remix community could collectively take on the likes of Sephiroth, Donkey Kong, Astaroth, Shredder and Dr Wily all at once, all for you. Album directors David "The Joker" Puga and Pieter "pu_freak" van Os have assembled 18 different tracks covering a broad range of styles and genres, all in honour of the villains we love to hate. Says Puga: "We're unleashing hell on an unassuming populace! Can you feel it?! Can you hear it?! That's the sound of ass-kickery of a magnitude previously unheard of!"

Oh yeah, I can feel it.

The album is available now for free download in a variety of formats at the link below. Tell them Kefka sent you. No one is actually listening, but Kefka would probably appreciate it.

BadAss: Boss Themes [OC Remix]


    been kinda thin from the community for a LONG time, some of these are actaully ok.

    My only complaint is there is an over saturation of final fantasy. I think i saw final fantasy 5, 6 and 7 twice otherwise it's awesome. I just did not care for the final fantasy series, I prefer Chrono trigger myself.

    Distinct lack of Robotnik.

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