Ocean Marketing Jackass Earns $10 Discount For Everyone

Ocean Marketing Jackass Earns $10 Discount For Everyone

In a statement just released, N-Control, maker of the “Avenger” accessory linked to marketer Paul Christoforo, has promised a $US10 discount coupon for everyone as an apology for Christoforo’s conduct toward a customer in a widely publicized email thread earlier this week.


    • It makes perfect sense. Because of the PR guys disastrous incident, the company that makes this fine product, and it is a good product as it helps disabled people play properly for instance, have been harmed by negative publicity against their product. This is not their fault. They received negative reviews and bad publicity possibly harming their stance in the market place.

      This is their first step, via their new PR guy at healing the rift caused by the roid raging Jackass and it’s a damn good one too. I hope the world forgets this incident as fast as it happened and that this clown stays out of the PR business in future.

  • lol, check out this pearl of wisdom.

    OceanStratagy Paul
    This the best you no life losers got? I eat your shit for breakfast! #bigglassofhaterade

    It’s like this guy has tried his best to emulate the bullies from Adam Sandler movies.

    I hope they dig up any other clients he has, let the internet organise a boycott of their products unless they dump him too, just like Kyle Sandilands…oh, they could get together, both disgusting talentless morons who think they are wonderful, they would make a great match.

  • i find it funny that he was kinda right all along, he was a dick and now everyone knows about these controllers, even people who would never have ever known about them.

    bad publicity is good publicity.

    • Yeah cos now all that awareness has resulted in people cancelling their pre-orders and others saying now they know another company to avoid purchasing products from…

      That’s some great work there.

  • What pisses me off is that now a perfectly good controller, designed for disabled people, has been punished by idiots on Amazon and other places selling it..

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