‘Ocean Stratagy’ Guy Is ‘Sorry’; Penny Arcade Deems Him A ‘Bully’

An update to the ongoing drama (part 1, part 2) of an ex-controller marketing guy, an angry customer, and Penny Arcade. The guy’s “sorry.” Penny Arcade thinks he’s a “bully” who’s sorry he got caught. Part 3’s on Penny Arcade.


  • Krahaulic puts forward the idea that maybe he himself is the bully to this bully. Not so. This is what happens when people stand up against the turds of the world. They crumble. The man was all bluff and bluster and he’s now reaping the rewards of his own actions, noone else’s. PA and Dave have handled this quite eloquently, they didn’t edit or leave out anything and brought to light shady business. I myself did it years back with EA and their regionalization of The Sims 3. I got a positive result after sticking it out because I knew I was right. This guy knows he’s wrong and he’s now seeing the *world* abandon him because noone likes a bully.

  • As much as I think the guy was a complete and total douche, I’m starting to feel quite sorry for him. I don’t think anybody deserves what this guy’s getting, especially if he really does have a newborn kid.
    It seems like he’s well and truly learnt his lesson, but this is going to affect his reputation for months or years to come.

    • He’s in PR, and he’s terrible at it. Losing his job/income is the exact sort of consequence one should expect, regardless of personal circumstance. If you want to feel sorry for someone, feel bad for the designer of the controller – all he did was make one poor choice of rep for the product.

    • Some people deserve to be made an example of. Every PR department in the world will learn from this how NOT to treat your customers. Also, douchebags will realise that it’s not always about who you know, but sometimes it’s about who’s willing to listen. Hence, Mike Krahulik is my freaking hero!

    • heh? I guess you’ve not been following this story closely enough. This isn’t the first time he acted like a complete douche, its just that this is the first time he had to go up against the likes of Penny Arcade, Kotaku, etc.,

      And that apology was pathetic. Even his closing line “I obviously care or I would not be emailing you.” reeks of insincerity. Don’t feel sorry, no one else does or should.

  • As the PA post says, he’s not sorry for his actions, he’s just sorry he got caught and exposed. He says himself that he didn’t know how big a site PA was, but completely misses the point that it shouldn’t MATTER how big they are – you shouldn’t behave that way with anybody, big or small.

  • the guy is a small fish in a big, big pond, who didn’t realise just how small he was. He thought cos he could kick around the minnows he was the top of the food chain, then proceeded to go head to head with a Great White and is crying cos he got chewed up and spat out

  • just a fyi, @oceanmarketting is no longer the correct twitter account, apparently. He has supposedly changed his twitter account to @oceanstrategy to avoid all the fallout of his crappy behaviour

    • If he did, that’s no longer the case. Unless they really want this as their description;

      “They are a Premier Social Media Company and SEO Company and Redundant Company and jerks and also illiterate.”

  • Just did a big catch up and WOW!! This thing was huge when I left it but now it’s hit Godzilla like proportions. Closing down the twitter, impersonating people…any word on the Mayor of Boston responding to his claims yet?

    • Also, RE: the roid rage, a little bit of extra proof is his google+ page (which is still up and hasn’t changed since yesterday) it uses that exact same pitbull avatar as the account found on steroid.com

  • It’s despicable that this guy would use his family for forgiveness (do they even exist?). I hope this guy burns long term. Also, I’m with mike on this, I would burn everything I had if it means hurting people like this arrogant prick.

  • This guy’s family does indeed exist. This is the internet, attacks against a person’s family are inevitable. I do truly feel sorry for his family, they don’t deserve to suffer for what this idiot did. I think it was very insensitive for Mike not to acknowledge the fact. It’s one thing to attack the bully, it’s another thing entirely to turn a blind eye to those who were not involved. It’s a shame that many others seeing this event unfold don’t realise that.

    • Then again, Paul would have to be the greatest actor of our generation or his wife has to be monumentally stupid to even have dated him let alone marry him and have a child with him.

  • By the way I don’t think he’s learned his lesson.

    His twitter http://twitter.com/OceanStratagy mostly sees him belittling the public, and rehashing quotes worthy of Jersey Shore like “haters gonna hate, I dont care, ima get bigger and bigger”

    Now I’d hate to see this just die down, I reckon his twisted mind would warp this whole debacle into some sort of triumph. He needs some REAL punishment.

    I think I can only be truly satisfied when he is physically in front of me…bagging my groceries at Coles.

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