Oh Come On American, Let The Actor Have His Words With Friends

Accompanied by the hash tag #nowonderamericaairisbankrupt, 30 Rock star and certified Baldwin Alec voiced his displeasure with American Airlines' strict no fun policy. [Twitter]


    And this is Kotaku news why?


      Because it's a celebrity! Playing a game! Because anything that validates gaming, no matter how tenuous is latched onto like a barnacle here.

        I think that's too offensive to barnacles.

        They latch onto it like pubic lice.

    No electronics, seems like a simple thing to understand while in a plane.

    Why is it the Americans who complain so much about a news post?

    BS rule is called BS by BS actor. News at 11?

      It's not really a BS rule.
      Are the chances of something going wrong incredibly low? Yes
      Are the chances above 0? Yes
      Does anyone NEED to play with tech while on the plane? No (No, really, you don't, you don't NEED tech at all, people got by in the past).

      Banning it seems reasonable.

        It is a BS rule - the low likelihood of issues occurring is only relevant to navigational equipment. It's only really an issue during takeoff and landing because it can interfere with fallback communications and therefore could be a problem if the plane's going to crash. That's why on many airlines electronic equipment can be used outside of these times. And phones are even allowed to be used with 'phone-mode' on after landing before docking on many airlines.

        It's a BS rule.

          On top of that - though this is theoretically possible, its never been demonstrated. The electronics used by aircraft are heavily shielded and this is a rule based largely on caution over common-sense.

            And it makes sense to you to try to police it that way?
            "Well, we're not quite taking off yet, you can all whip out your gear and play for a while, but you have to promise to turn it off in a few minutes when we're ready to take off".
            Yeah, that'd work out.

            You don't need to play with your phones/ipads/computers while the plane gets ready. Put them away, and wait for when you're off the ground and given the all clear.

              Err, that was supposed to be a reply to Sam.

                it says he was at the gate, and wasn't on a plane yet. so, bit unreasonable to get told off

                  "Sat at the gate, not moving" reads to me as being on the plane, pre take-off.

              "“Well, we’re not quite taking off yet, you can all whip out your gear and play for a while, but you have to promise to turn it off in a few minutes when we’re ready to take off”."

              But... they do let you do that. It's not until the seatbelt sign goes on and the plane starts rolling that you have to switch everything off.

                This. Every airline 've flown with has been like that. It's only during take off and landing that devices have to be turned off.

            When you're talking about the lives of a couple hundred people vs somebody being unable to play Angry Birds or update their Facebook status, caution IS common-sense.

              Tell that to Tiger, Virgin, Singapore, Qantas and Jetstar. Hell, even Ansett when they existed. All of those airlines I've flown with many times (well except for Tiger, only flown with them once) but all of them allowed electronic devices on until it came to take off and landing.

    Why is this on Kotaku?

      Well, Words is a game.
      Slow news day perhaps leading to tenuous links.

      Gee I dunno, it's a games blog and he was playing a game?

    At least it's not another Skyrim article!

      My god man, you didn't just say that, did you? Good, because it needed to be said

    Interesting that people get so heated about using electronics whilst on an aeroplane. The fact is that it is part of the agreement you make when you purchase a ticket, that you will abide by all rules. For example I would like to go 60 in school zones at 9.20 because most (if not all) schools in Victoria start < 9 and the odds of hitting a child this late are slim to none, however it's a rule. In addition, I bet those who complain would be the first to complain if they were in a crash caused by electronics, even though the rule is to have them off.
    Grow up people, society has rules that we don't agree with, but unfortunately complaining anonymously (or even known to the world on Twitter in this case) isn't going to solve anything, if you feel strongly enough to complain, take that energy and put it into something that solves the problem like further guarding on planes to allow you to use electronics.
    I wish people would think before making inane comments like Baldwin's since all it does is draw attention to "issues" that aren't issues

      Also, take a damn book and read, it's a much better and "safer" way of entertaining yourself. In the time you would spend waiting (let's say between 5 minutes to an hour) you could learn something, stimulate your imagination or even find a solution to your original issue of no electronics. I think it would do the world some use to take this collected time and read a little. And I mean a non-electronic book for those who will say "How am I supposed to read on my Kindle/iPad/iPad2/iPhone/PSP/whatever else you have put an eBook on when I can't use electronics?"

      As Mr Waffle pointed out, for most airlines (in fact this is the first I've heard of it outside of something Bill Engvall said once, though he didn't mention the airline) the only time to turn electronics off is during take off and landing and only those times. Hell, even during taxiing you're normally allowed to do what you want with your electronic devices.

    *insert complaint about kotaku here*

    I'm always nervous whenever I fly and anything the airline wants be to do re: safety I do it! Sure I may be thinking it should really be necessary or the rule is arbitrary etc but whatever helps me stop thinking about dying in a crash.....

    Perhaps the rules are a bit different on American Airlines. Cause when I was on a plane last we were allowed to be on our phones or music players up until they turned on the seat-belt sign. Plane wasn't moving of corse, but pretty much mere minutes before the engines kicked in and the plane started to depart.

    This seems a bit petty. I take Baldwin's side cause well, it's Alec Baldwin!

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