Oh, If Only Portal 2's Wheatley Had Won A VGA

Portal 2's Wheatley did not win an award at the Spike VGAs. Mildly disappointing, but then, given the Spike's themselves are mildly disappointing, I'm not losing much sleep over it.

Eeexxcccceeepppptttt for this. Being a virtual character, Valve had to make his acceptance speech in advance. Just in case he actually won. He didn't, but the speech exists, and here it is.

If Wheatley Had Won [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    stephen merchant is amazing!

    That Youtube is just a picture...
    Y U NO embed?

    Jesus Luke, how fucking slow are you?

    This was on GT like a week ago, same with Drake and Marcus Fenix's acceptance speeches.

    You need to stop getting your sources from other shitty websites

      Well shit man, not every body has there news trawler raking in articles from every website, I for one had not seen this before and am glad Luke uploaded it, chill down man theres no need to get angry about this sort of stuff, theres a lot more serious things to be angry about.

        Your grammar is terrible, and your argument is worse. The bloke makes a great point. Luke's "articles" are shithouse.

          I hadn't seen it before either so thumbs up to Luke for putting it up!

    Best Performance by a Human Male - Stephen Merchant as Wheatley, Portal 2

      No way. Mark Hamill as The Joker. Easily the best performance I've seen all year, be it film or video game.

        And J.K. Simmons would have been my next pick.

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