Old Republic Already Has More Players Than Most Finished Games

Upcoming Star Wars MMO Old Republic isn't even out yet. It's still in a beta. Yet over the Thanksgiving weekend in the US over 725,000 people logged on and played the thing.

What's more, they didn't just log on, play for three minutes and log off. The average user played for 12 hours over those three days.

Every time I think of this game, of what it could have been given the developer and the licence, I find myself agreeing more with Joel's piece on it from back at E3. Not in terms of how it plays, since I've barely played the thing, just in terms of how it portrays the universe. I then assume many others feel the same.

Then EA tells me that over two million people signed up for this game's beta, and 725,000 of them played in a single weekend, and I remember this game has Star Wars and BioWare written on the box. And I remember for most people that's all that matters.

2 million volunteer for The Old Republic beta [Eurogamer]


    The big question will be how many people are still playing once their free month of play ends.

    Of course it's possible those countries that weren't officially invited to the initial release may start to play in late January - bumping up the figures so it seems like less people have stopped playing.

    I'm a cynic aren't I!

    I live in Australia, can't pre-order the game bc the game isn't released for "my region". Thanks for reporting this story, perhaps in the future we'll be able to play it (or import it).

      Import it from the US/UK dude, that's what me and my mates are doing.


      BAM! And the whinge is gone!

    Wow, people playing a free beta weekend of an anticipated game. COLOUR ME SURPRISED

    I played it, grinded for a while and remembered why I don't play MMOs. Watch out for the annoying 'getting stuck in a doorway glitch'. I got it three times in one hour. Ugh.

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