Old Republic Could Have Been A Game Of Thrones MMO (Or Lord Of The Rings!)

Years and years ago, when the design team for what would become Star Wars: Old Republic was first sitting down to plan a video game, they knew they were going to make an MMO. Hopefully a Star Wars one. But just in case they couldn't, they had to have some backups.

And those backups will, to many, seem like choices just as appealing (if not more so!) than a Star Wars game. One was a Lord of the Rings MMO, as this was back when EA still held the rights to Tolkien's universe. Complementing that was a second Tolkien setting, a Silmarillion MMO. There was "a kind of a Gunslinger-esque Dark Tower MMO", and one more.

A Game of Thrones MMO.

In the end, you know, Star Wars won out. It prints money. But it would have been nice to see something grand in the Song of Ice & Fire universe, especially given its recent surge in popularity over the HBO televised adaptation.

Star Wars: The Old Republic could have been A Game of Thrones MMO [PC Gamer]


    Oh Jesus, a Dark Tower style MMO would be mind-blowingly awesome if it held together at all. Hell, just a Dark Tower single player game would be fantastic. That's a fantastic setting/world.

      Yeah, a single player Dark Tower needs to happen. It'd be all kinds of awesome. (In the right hands, of course.)

    as someone who doesn't like star wars (and before you ask, no i dont like star trek either) i would have loved to see A Game of Thrones MMO.

      As someone who doesn't really like or dislike either Star Wars or a Game of Thrones I would have loved to see a Wheel of Time MMO, moreover that universe could actually work as an MMO, A Game of Thrones is really political at heart, it could make a damn fine single player RPG (Not sold on the one Cyanide is making yet >_>)

        As someone who loves Star Wars and Game Of Thrones, I don't to see either one ruined by being made into an MMO. They are story driven, there's no way to effectively convey that in an MMO.

    I don't know if a game of thrones mmo would work.

    Combat isn't really the focus of either the books or the tv show.

      Combat isn't really the focus of an MMO either

      Seeing as most have pretty bland combat in order to account for balance and the like

    Probably better they didn't go with fantasy to be honest.

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