US Club Nintendo's Platinum Gift? Not So Bad

Announced back in July, the pin set the US Club Nintendo is giving free to its platinum members this year was met with the usual round of griping and complaining. One of our readers just received his and, you know, it's actually a pretty decent gift.

For starters, the display box is pretty big, as reader Jon A. notes by using his Wiimote to note its scale. It's made up of six rectangular boxes that can be rotated to create one of three different images. You get 25 pins in all, and the case looks like one of those Advent calendars with the trap doors that reveal a surprise.

So, good job, Nintendo. But your gold member reward still sucks.


    Clearly this is the US Club Nintendo. They have no idea how garbage our one is.

    We have like 12 items, and half of them are folders or binders... -___-

      No one understands Australia's Club Nintendo pain.

        The one good thing they had was the Snes Classic Controller, and I have that now.

        It's a pity that the codes on games I import won't work in the Aussie Club Nintendo though.

          I missed out on that. They should have made it permanent

          Damn it, that's the one thing I hoped I'd get at some point when I first signed up for the Club Nintendo here in the US.... and we never got it. All we get is some posters and screensavers and two tote bags and a tshirt.
          The best platinum reward they've given so far was a mario hat that must have cost all of 1$ to make :-P

          I want a freakin' SNES controller, man. grr

      First world problems eh?

      It's Nintendo Australia in general, we pay twice as much as Americans for eShop purchases and as you said get the most pathetic club rewards ever (With exception to the snes controller that lasted a very short time). It's a joke, go and look at the UK or US club Nintendo offerings and you'll see how hard we get shafted. I'm so sick of Nintendo these days.

        The T-Shirts were nice, but they were only there for a little while.

    A story complaining about free stuff. Welcome to the Internet.

      dumby you pay for the games so it isnt really free and since the prices of the friggin games are almost 3 times the price then america they could atleast add some more stuff to the god damn website!

    I ordered the 25th anniversary poster from club nintendo australia yesterday. And i also got the blue mario pencil case.

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