One Great Reason To Be A Nintendo-Only Gamer

Tired of being picked on and looked down upon for being a Nintendo-exclusive console owner, commenter ClaudioIphigenia speaks up on Kotaku about the rather reasonable reasoning behind his brand loyalty.

So after having just replied to three different comments on why I only own a Nintendo console, I figured it was time for a speak up on it.

Yes, you read that right, I only own Nintendo consoles. Now before you fly into a rage calling me a fanboy or whatever, get the whole story. My family doesn't have a lot of money. I have to forego a lot of things, but one thing my family has always been good about is my video gaming.

An unfortunate side effect of the whole lack of funding is that I don't have as much money as I would like for every game that comes out. A lot of times I barely have enough money to get all the Wii/(3)DS games I want and I shudder to think how owning a PS3 would add to that.

So yes, there are people out there who are older than 10 but younger than 65 who only own Wiis. Yes, those people are perfectly happy only owning a Wii. I have more games on that than I know what to do with. I'm not uninformed as some people might think, I know full well what I'm getting when I buy a Nintendo console. I'm buying something that probably won't get a lot of support from 3rd-party developers, but will have the games that defined my gaming life thus far.

Not everyone who browses Kotaku has unlimited money to spend on gaming, which seems to be a hard concept for some users to grasp.

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    I used to have a Wii and only a Wii for a long time. Mario galaxy, Metroid Prime trillogy, were great! Then once day I was gifted an X360 from a friend. After hours of enjoying Skyrim, GOW3, Red Dead and Batman, I don't see anything else the Wii can offer me, aside from the occasional game of Mario Kart.
    The biggest problem I had with it was its lack of games. After Galaxy 2 I couldn't find anything interesting on it. The 2 generation old graphics don't help much either, turning my HDTV into a blurry mess.
    As for Wii U. We will see. But I won't be rushing to buy it on release day again

    You know your situation best, but I'm skeptical that you can't afford a newer gen console. The price argument is almost nullified by the price drops on consoles, second hand market for games and consoles and sales.

    For the money thing, I don't know your situation but If you're over 15, get a job and fund yourself! If you have a job, use one of the multitude of free budgeting tools out there, save smarter/longer and enjoy the upgrade!

    Current gen consoles have dropped heavily in price - job has/had an Xbox 4gb for $150. Then games are similarly priced for 360 as for the wii through second hand, or grey imports like Harvey Norman's new site or sites like play asia, especially when there is Mario involved for the wii. As wonko said, the game titles are just not there for the wii- even Nintendo can't make great new series like it used to.

    Remember, saving is deferred spending, so defer a little longer and reap the reward!

    Yeah, I only own a Wii (there's also my super weak PC and my sister's DS, but those don't count), because a good game comes out on the Wii about as often as I like to buy new games, so this relationship is working out really well for me. I recently bought a ton of (mostly older) games from the Steam Sales though, but mostly I bought them for the sake of replacing scratched discs/games I know I should play but probably don't have time for.

    Commenter?? How?

      Kotaku US has a comment section called "Speak-Up" that is seperate from the articles that get posted. it's basically a TAY that just keeps going and going and going and going and you get the idea.

      Every once in awhile an editor will take a comment from Speak-Up and publish it for a quick article.

      Thus, here we are.

    I can understand the money situation. The Wii is the only home console I have bought at launch. Out of the current gen it was the only console I had for a couple of years before I got my 360. The graphics didn't bother me much because I only had a SD TV at the time.

    I did eventually get a 360 because I was missing out on some great games, but it was a delayed purchase because of the lack of funding. Then while being deadset on only having 2 consoles, I ended up getting a PS3 free when I bought an LCD TV, and now I probably play that more than the other 2 consoles!

    There is no "good reason" to only own one console, as you only stand to miss a lot of classics. Yes, lack of funds and better things to spend it on like family or a house is A reason, but not a good one, as I imagine if you were suddenly a millionaire, you would buy one.

      wut? Of course it's a bloody good reason. So what if he'd spend it if he was a millionare? That's the point!

      So in your logic, not having the money to afford a luxury is no reason not to buy the luxury. I take it you have not been in the situation of choosing between buying something like an xbox or eating for a week. Sometimes it's not a matter of want but practicality. There would be little point in purchasing a 360 that would have a single game (for the average price of $300) when you can buy 6 games for the Wii for the same price. Whilst I agree that people can save and then purchase the console, I do not agree that not having the money isn't a good reason.

    "Lack of funds and having other things that need money spent on, ie family, isn't a good reason to not buy other consoles." Riiiiiight.

    If I were a budget gamer, which I sort of am anyway, it'd be either a 360 or PC with many many cheap downloadable titles.

    For a long time I only had a Wii. It worked out very well because I also had a decent PC, and between the two of them there weren't many games I couldn't play. The Wii has some amazing games that will never be available on other consoles, but the 360 and PS3 didn't have enough exclusives at the prices those consoles used to be for me to justify buying one. Grabbing a 360 wired controller for my PC gave me access to 90% of the games on the other two consoles.

    Now that the prices have come down I've picked up the other two consoles to access the exclusives, and there are some really awesome games, but I'll still get any multi-platform game on PC first. The 360 and PS3 feel like the poor man's PC to me - the only reason to ever play the is for the (relatively few) exclusives, whereas ALL the good Wii games are exclusives. Imagine if Uncharted and Halo were on PC - I would never have even looked at anything but the Wii.

      My thoughts exactly!!! PC + nintendo all the way!!!

      When I get a nice HD AAA game- I don't want to pay $100- I'll only pay 50% - %80 of that.
      I want it to run at 1080p @ 60fps Vsync'd and all, with FREE internet multiplayer and my friends list I've been adding to since 1998 at my finger tips. Having the choice between Mouse/Keyboard + Wireless controller is also appreciated if not absoloutly cruical in convincing me to play any multiplayer FPS (Other than Goldeneye / Perfect Dark).

      Most of those aspects of PC gaming are mutualy exclusive, if at all present on Ps3 / 360.

      Then on the other hand when I want to be taken into a fantastical world or get ingrossed in an awesome story, or just get sucked into some seriously addictive gameplay- Nintendo will always be there.

      Only non-nintendo console/handheld I have EVER purchased is a Dreamcast, and mind you I got it in Tokyo in like 2008 - 2009.

        I agree too. The thing about Nintendo is they tried to make a console that does things that PCs cant. The Wii is like that with its motion controls when it launched (although Kinect can be used on the PC recently but then its only for a select few games) and the upcoming Wii U has an all in one tablet controller that again the PC cant do. Thats what i like. I get games different styles of gaming.

        On the other hand the 360 and ps3 just tried to beat the PC at its own game, and for a few months after released they may have had the edge, but with the introduction of faster GPUs, and multi Graphics card set up they ceased to be competition anymore. No 1080 gaming across the games library, second rate controls on games like FPS and RTS (Mouse and Keyboard is the Superior control method for these games), which are my favourite Genres on the PC and thanks to Steam portability (laptop) and cheap gaming (steam sales) when you really think about it PC gaming just craps all over console gaming,.The only reason why Nintendo keeps me interested is that it tries to do things differently instead of trying to take on the superior PC.

        Price isnt a big concern, if buying games was an issue, again go PC only. Wait till the big sales, spend $200 for 80 or so games your set till the next sale. Sure the games might be a year or more older but they are still mostly 1080p and dont forget the portability factor (play it on a decent laptop).

        I stay Nintendo console only because it offers a unique gaming experience that i cant get on a PC. Consoles to me offer a supporting role to supplement my Main gaming platform - The PC. Perfect combo for me

          Exactly :)

    I was a die-hard Nintendo gamer until the Gamecube which all but disappeared from department stores and practically died in this country - so I skipped the Wii as it seemed to have it's own 3rd party issues, I recently relented for the 3DS though - mostly because my expectations are pretty low, I all that comes out for it is Mario and Zelda it will have been worth it cuz they are great games

    You can just game on a Wii. There are heaps of great games at jb hi-fi. When looking at my Wii collection, the first 4 games I see are Skyward Sword, Smash Bros, DK Country Returns & Little Kings Story. All great games & would keep any gamer going for a while. I could list the awesome Wii games out there, but I dont wanna bore everyone!
    I could get by with just a Wii, it would mean I could catch up on the shitload of sweet games Ive missed.

    I'm like this guy. Always owned Nintendo, at first I never bothered with the others out of loyalty or whatever, but as I grew up that became less of an issue and I kept an eye on the other platforms. Played a few things at friends' places, etc. Still didn't think I had the time or money to spend on an extra stream of games beyond whatever Nintendo console + handheld set I had going at the time.

    Then last year I managed to win myself a 360. I started looking around for games for it, which was great since so many of them were cheap now. But even now, I couldn't justify buying one. I've got about 20 games on there now (three of which came with it in the first place), and that's basically all the games I have any interest in. One of them I didn't even like. That pales in comparison to the ~85 Wii and ~86 DS games I have.

    I don't think I'll ever be buying any other non-Nintendo consoles any time soon. Not even if I had the money.

    So it's not an issue of brand loyalty but financial restrictions?

    I was a gamer who only owned a Wii and I was a fanboy, I actually thought of the PS3 as a giant PSP ._.

    Then I got gifted a PS3 and I can say that I'm skipping the Wii U until it builds a great library and gets a controller replacement. I have 10 Wii games since the launch and I have over 20 PS3 games aince the Slim model launched. The thing is with the Ps3 I get my money's worth with multiplayer and games that give me a tonnes of entertainment and hours of replay value. With the Wii I finish the story lines of the games I play and rarely return. Besides PS3 games are way cheaper as opposed to Wii games that are still $99 even though they're years old.

      I had the same issue with the GC and PS2 as well. Had a small GC library due to the riduculous prices and a huge PS2 library because of the great prices. Man people really need to stop sucking up Nintendo's ass.

    The funny thing is this was my stance for a lot of time until a good friend of mine sold me his PS3 and some games (well, sold my family it). Ever since then we've only had one Wii purchase (or two? I can't remember when I got the PS3 anymore), and that was Skyward Sword. The main reason being that the Wii's games are simply too pricey and never go down in price either ($80 for Mario Galaxy 2 when it's a year or 2 old? $70 @ Big W for Skyrim on sale? I think I'll get the newer, cheaper game).

    If you're using Ozgameshop though I guess that much be different since their prices are much better, but ever since we've had the PS3 our library for it has been growing exponentially (whatever that means) thanks to cheap 2nd hand games.

    I have a Gamecube and a wii. I also have a 360 and ps3. My friends play 360. Thus I play 360. My wii has no friends. It liked goldeneye for 48 hours. The wii sux. There are many good games on wii. There are many good games on 360 BUT the wii still sucks. By sux I mean - Limited if not completely broken multiplayer - NO HDD - Many broken promises eg DS WII interaction- No c64 in Australia - crap 3rd party support - a deluge of crappy casual crap and the wii still sux. LOL - Love Nintendo but over the wii.

    I want a game of Mario with those graphics

    Ive always bought all brands of consoles - for the games. That'd be like... old shit recycled, who gives two hoots!

    shit picture too

    The only thing stopping me from being a Nintendo-Only Gamer are a few PS3 exclusives (or, a small handful of games that I can't get on Wii/3DS).

    It's so easy to play multi platform these days with the amount of cheap games out there. Here's some advice for ninty fanboy x : avoid the wii u at launch and get stuck into an xbox either second hand or at retail for 150. Remember u don't need 2 kidneys

    Nintendo have no idea how online gaming works.

    Therefore I play XBox360 and PC. I have had every Nintendo portable made to date though.

      The Wii U will hopefully address the online issue;)

        Thats what was said about the wii in relation to the gamecube.

    I am a budget gamer, my PC cost $100 AUS, it runs wow (on mid-high graphics) and SWTOR (on lowest graphics), I own an xbox, which u can now buy for $150 AUS, which is on par/cheaper than the wii. I buy most of my xbox games from the UK when they're a few months old for 20 dollars AUS each, which retail for 80-100 when they come out here.

    I don't own a PS3 or 360 since they don't have enough exclusives to bother with. Nearly everything released for them is also on PC. So I guess I'm another PC + wii player here.

    I don't have much money for gaming either, but I still have all three current gen consoles because I saved and budgeted for them (and bought them on sale). As for games, I just wait until they're cheap, buy second hand, buy online, or price match. With careful budgeting and bargain hunting, I can have my cake and eat it too, even if said cake is a little old and stale by the time I get to it.

    despite what people say, PC is the cheapest platform to play games, not only are there an unlimited supply of LEGAL games, if you are smart and wait for steam sales where you can buy games for < 10 dollar a pop. You also have access to 100s of thousands of games going back a long time. People would say you need a super computer than costs 5000 dollars, but that is rubbish, you can play every game on a 500 dollar pc and if you cant afford that and dont desire playing some of the lastest titles you can buy a laptop for a few hundred. And since there is more games than you ever desire that use webplayers now there is no reason to spend 300-500 dollars on the latest Nivida or AMD graphics card.

    So if you want to game on an budget, the By FAR cheapest option is the PC, sure the up front cost is higher than a console, but the software costs are so much cheaper than the costs will be covered easy.

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