One Man's Turned Star Wars's Battle Of Hoth Into A Starcraft 2 Map

Two great flavours of geek culture collide in this custom map for Blizzard's RTS super-success. Starrcaft player/modder Kenneth Tran's built an homage to Episode V of George Lucas's space fantasy films, substituting planet Braxis for the icy world of Hoth where The Empire Strikes Back took place. On The Dominion Strikes Back, the Rebel faction must hold out for 45 minutes while the opposing Dominion faction must crush the Rebels. Tran's work doesn't map one-to-one to Empire Strikes Back, but does a nice job of imagining what a siege would feel like if you were fighting alongside Luke and the resistance.

Starcraft 2 Custom map: The Dominion Strikes Back [YouTube]


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