One Of The Greatest Role-Playing Games Of All Time Now Available On IPhone

Take a trip back in time on your iPhone today as Sqiare Enix finds a new way to get folks to pay $US9.99 for Chrono Trigger. Makes you wish they'd just sell lifetime version subscriptions. [iTunes]


    Still no Squenix titles apart from Crystal Defenders and Imaginary Range on Android. I hear Squenix have plans to start making them for Android, but c'mon! Chrono Trigger is my favorite RPG of all time. I need this. On my SGS2. Now.

    Secret of Mana wouldn't go astray, either.

    *impatient twitch*

      I have a sgs2 as well, just get the snes/mega drive/gba emulators and play the entire library of games. They work great, look awesome on the sgs2 screen, you can save anytime (not as frustrating as when I was a kid) and it's all free. If they're not releasing them on the android platform it's not reeeeally pirating, or at least that's what i tell myself.

        Yeah I've been playing this and many others with a SNES emu for my phone for a while. I've only got a crappy Nokia N8 as well. prob use the GBA one more. Prefer Advanced Wars for public transport.

          Advance wars kicks ass! been playing metal slug advance a bit too as well as ALL the mega man zero games. Damn those things are hard.

      I forked out 7 or 8 bucks for SoM on my phone. Just isn't the same sadly :(

    i'm glad i bought this game ob the ds about a year or so ago. the convenience of the phone would be great but i alwaya have my ds or 3ds with me anyway.

    Ain't no thang, had this on my snes emulator for ages, as well as every other good game from snes, mega drive, GBA, N64.

    Maybe release it on PC which they should have done many years ago.

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