Only Xbox 360 Owners Will Be Able To Use This Exclusive Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Weapon

Only Xbox 360 Owners Will Be Able To Use This Exclusive Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Weapon

Remember when Final Fantasy games were a hot-damn, big-deal reason to get a PlayStation console? That era ended a little while back, and the very fact that Final Fantasy XIII showed up on the Xbox 360 meant that things would never be the same. Now that game’s sequel will be offering an exclusive weapon that you’ll only be able to use on Microsoft’s game console.

Azrael’s the name of a snazzy bow that only FFXIII-2’s main character Serah can use, and it’ll be available to Xbox 360 owners for 80 Microsoft Points, or $US1. The bow will upgrade your Chain Bonus when equipped and is reportedly believed to possess the power to change the owner’s destiny. Whatever that means. It’ll change your destiny by making your wallet lighter, I guess.

We’ll see if Square Enix rolls out similar exclusive weapons or DLC content for the PS3 when FFXIII-2 comes out next year.


  • The day the 360 gets a Final Fantasy exclusive and the PS3 doesn’t will be a very sad day indeed.

    Then again, if you told me 15-20 years ago there would be video games featuring Mario and Sonic together, I would’ve called the men in white coats.

  • When I read the title I felt many levels of irratation. However after reading further and finding out that you have to PAY for it, all I could do was laugh out loud.

  • They nailed the coffin shut with 13 but they just keep digging it’s grave deeper out of spite or something.

    This is about as bad as DLC gets, developed before hand but omitted from the game to blatantly nickel and dime consumers afterwards.

    • And yet it’s a complete game without this weapon. I don’t mind being nickled and dimed if it means content that may not have existed otherwise, even if it’s now on the disc.

      Also, 80 points is barely worth selling. Maybe they just want people to connect to LIVE so that they can be properly patched or buy their other products or something.

    • ONOZ! 80 points for a DLC exclusive weapon for a single player JRPG! Oh the horror!

      Meanwhile in the world of PC MMO millions of real currency is exchanged in a regular basis for gears, mounts and in game currency. Honestly its not a huge deal or much of a game breaker either way. It’s the same as all those crazy character/map DL’s for NISA JRPG’s. Small extras for your game if you want to add some quirk to your game otherwise the actual story/game is complete w/o the equips/boosts

      Chances are there’s probably going to be a PS3 exclusive DLC weapon as well anyway… that or these could be used as Preorder DLC

  • There’s very simple logic behind this.

    Look at the sales of FF13 on PS3 compared to 360
    Look at how many PS3s have been sold in Japan to 360

    There won’t be any DLC for PS3 announced because Square simply wants to push more sales of the 360 version out since it’s unpopular and to make a quick buck.

  • If this is exclusive for the Xbox, then probably the Genji Bow is the PS3 exclusive?
    Does EB give the bonus weapon for Serah or not? I’m confused since Gamestop says they offer the weapon but EB doesn’t seem to say anything about an extra DLC besides ‘Fight in Style’. Otherwise I’ll get Noel’s weapon and ‘Fight in Style’ from JB when I decide to preorder.

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