Open The Door, Get On The Floor, Even Assassins Walk That Dinosaur

Decked out in a homemade Ezio costume with nothing to do, SoundRes made the only sensible decision he could: He went to the shopping centre to "Walk the Dinosaur".

I don't know which I love more, that someone decided that this was the best use of a pretty amazing homemade Assassin's Creed costume or that anyone still listens to Was (Not Was). The '80s, nothing will ever beat them.

[Thanks reddit]


    Ezio was just blending in with the crowd.

    That is Brilliant. Flashdancing Assassin's are the future, I can see it now.

    When I danced to this song, I actually opened an invisible door, then proceeding to get on the floor, THEN i walked the dinosaur. This guys missing the important steps!

    That's pretty awesome, but there should be more just to confuse the people even more!

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