Paper Toss Makes A Comeback As Paper Toss 2.0

One of the first games I played a ton of on the iPhone was Paper Toss, a simple little title where you had to throw paper in the bin while accounting for the blow of an office fan.

That was years ago, though, and since then iPhone games have gotten bigger, bolder and slicker. So Paper Toss has reimagined itself in an attempt to keep up.

Gone are the simple, static screens, and in are 3D characters populating the stages. The bin is now in 3D as well, and where once you just...tossed paper, there's now a freemium layer to the game that lets you buy stuff like cans, footballs and staplers, all of which fly a little better.

It should make a good game better, but the joy of the original was its simplicity. All this extra stuff bogs the game down, and the fancier graphics mean it also plays much slower.

Still, the core of it all is still there, that never-ending battle between wind and paper, and considering Paper Toss 2.0 is free, there's not much stopping you from at least trying it out.

Paper Toss 2.0 [Apple App Store]


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