Pepper Spray Cop Is An Ass-Kicking Street Fighter

Pepper Spray Cop Is An Ass-Kicking Street Fighter

Pepper Spray Cop will be one of the enduring images of 2011. While most tributes to the man have been simple PhotoShops, though, this piece by Pazero goes to the trouble of being an all-original illustration.

Ken VS Lt John [DeviantArt, via Gamefreaks]


  • Sigh. If people did a little research they would see this was totally justified.

    • No need to post it. One doesn’t even need the footage to know what led to that event. Anyone with a brain that works can figure out it was space-wasting mouth-breathers disobeying police instruction who got off far lighter than they should’ve.

      • have to agree with Chazz, here. All I saw in that video were police trying to do their job in a justified way, until protestors decided to hinder them and shout demands. they were given fair warning, multiple times. they got what they needed. they were asking for it.

    • Are you all serious? Just because you get annoyed by these people doesn’t mean human rights need to be violated.
      The protest was annoying and I find them pretentious, but whatever spray them I suppose.
      I’d love to live under your shit regime.

        • Yea they were totally sitting down on some grass! what rebels! They deserved to get sprayed and worse! crucified and burned at the stake! Witches all of them!

          Sheesh calm down.

          I agree somewhat with the sentiment of the occupy movement, but don’t agree with the action (or lack of), posturing and self righteousness of the people involved. I also agree that the police are just doing their job, but I don’t agree with the use of excessive force, violence and prejudice being used by the cops.

          They’re all idiots at the end of the day.

          • So who defines “excessive force”.

            Back to selling vegetable juice and hemp you hippy.

          • Uninformed gamer you should inform yourself by first READING WHAT I JUST WROTE and then by using a dictionary to look up what ‘excessive’ means before you resort to pathetic name calling on the internet. I’m on no one’s side, but pepper spraying people in the face repeatedly while they are cowering on the ground is excessive, there are other ways of dealing with the situation.

      • +1 There from me… though you must admit, he performs this pepper spraying act with so much grace… lol… its beautiful, …and painful.

    • Are you seriously suggesting that capsicum spray is an appropriate response to passive resistance? It certainly looked like one of the cops was trying a more proportionate response but was waved away by the guy with the spray.

      Yes there are grey areas, but it seems that people in the community where that incident occurred believe the response was disproportionate to the threat.

      • Are you seriously suggesting that people who were stopping the police from doing their job, who were give countless warnings about what would happen if they continued to do so were treated inappropriately?

        The police were ridiculously generous with their warnings.

        • giving warning doesn’t justify their over the top reaction to people sitting on the floor. you can hate the protesters all you want, the fact of the matter is that the police used unnecessary force against peaceful protest.

          • How was it peaceful? The protesters were threatening the police by telling them they weren’t allowed to leave. Frankly, If someone was blocking my path if I wanted to leave a location, I’d be inclined to use whatever measures to get them the fuck out of my way.

          • So you think the cops would have been justified in shooting the protesters in the legs, for instance? That would help break up the crowd pretty quick, right?

        • I’m not saying it wouldn’t be appropriate for the police to arrest those protesters: even if the police’s original actions are shown to be illegal, they should know that they risk getting arrested.

          But it was not clear at all that capsicum spray was necessary to arrest those protesters. As I said before, the video seems to show the Lieutenant waving away another cop who was moving to drag a protester away right before he started spraying.

  • I did watch the video, they were protesting passively. They were taking up a walkway into a building – a building people could still access.
    So yeah, let the police have more power and bully people in your lil’ world.

    • Surrounding police and refusing to let them leave and let them do their job until they adhered to your demands is something you support?

      • Give up Chazz, as soon as you chuck the word “passive” in there, every man and his dog in the community cant see any form of action acceptable, even though it is!

        Id love to see all the people who are flaming the police try and do thier job passively, or even effectively, without the use of these kind of methods and appropriate training.

        • It’s a sad world we live in when people think that the man doing his job is the bad guy. If they just opened their eyes, and maybe thought a little, they’d stop believing everything the tv tells them.

        • I don’t get it? they are sitting on the ground, huddled together in a line, cowering away from the police, they weren’t obstructing anything. The cops are walking around freely back and forth, hell if they really wanted to leave or go into the building or whatever they could have just STEPPED OVER the damn protesters and walked away, but they didn’t, instead they got to use their pepper spray which they’ve been itching to use on some commies since they got it.

          Nevermind the fact that the cop in question is now suspended for NOT following protocol and using excessive force. So if his superiors and not just the media are outraged at his actions clearly he was in the wrong.

  • Man I work with police every day and usually they do a great job. People should be able to protest. As soon as one protester gets violent – break that shit up, scale up the force, i’m with it 100%. But a bunch of hippies peacefully protesting doesn’t deserve force.
    You see this shit in the media because it’s outrageous.
    I’ve seen far more terrifying mobs whilst on the job and the Australian police have handled it far better than what happened in that peaceful, nonviolent, mildly irritating protest.

  • If you were blocking my path.

    1. “please get out of my way’
    2. ‘Get out of my way’
    3. ‘Get the FUCK out of my way’
    4. Use any possible means to get you out of my way.

    My rising temper as displayed above might not be necessary, but I assure you, persistence of not listening to my warnings will proceed to point number 4.

    If you felt threatened what would you do?

  • Enjoy living in your police state fellas. Did you know that the US just started using predator UAV drones to spy on civilians?

  • Chuck the words ‘peaceful’, ‘passive’ in doesn’t excuse it. The protestors were breaking the law. Simple. They were given ample warning, which they ignored. What else are the police supposed to do? They can’t stand there asking nicely repeatedly. At the end of the day, the guy was doing his job, and cries against ‘the man’ or touting ‘human rights’ is a knee-jerk emotional response that makes no sense.

    Sitting down and refusing to move like a tanty child won’t get anything done. Defy capitalism by refusing to buy the latest mobile phone. Turn off your TV. Protest with your wallet. If it’s about the environment, raise awareness. Walk to work. Car pool. Recycle. These are all far more constructive alternatives to just basically being a public nuisance.

    The right to protest is not in dispute, merely how these people chose to do it.

  • Good to see some people are actually in touch with common sense and logic. The rest of you defending the “peaceful” protestors? What’s next? Defending Nazi rallies? You’re defending people who are beyond all doubt breaking the law. There is no grey area about it. Those people broke the law plain and simple. The very fact they were only sprayed and not all arrested is a generous act from the police considering these are people who are nothing but a detriment to society in every single way.

    People need a licence for a pet but anyone can have kids…what a world we live in.

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