Peter Moore Did Not Kill The Dreamcast

There's been a story kicking around for a few years now that Peter Moore, formerly of Sega and Microsoft, was the man who killed the Dreamcast. Turns out he actually didn't.

Why it took over three years to set the record straight is anyone's guess, but in an interview with IndustryGamers, he clears the air:

You know, it's funny, the idea of "making the call" came out of an interview with Keith Stuart of The Guardian did — when I said making the call, I was actually referring to the telephone call. He interpreted that as making the decision, and I was very much a part of the decision, but it certainly wasn't just me telling the Japanese team that we need to get out of the console business.

Moore then says that "maybe a half a dozen people in the corporation around the world" had conferred on the decision to kill the console in the face of disappointing sales. Making it a lot harder to pin the blame on any one man for "the call". Dammit.

Better Know Peter Moore [IndustryGamers]

Image: Lucas Jackson/AP


    Or he is saying that cause no one likes him these days.

    Cause seriously, he is a douche.

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