Pick Up Android Minecraft Pocket Edition For A Dime


    Just make it free? :(

    Some people still can't get it for a dime if they have no credit card.

      I think there's something about their pricing backend that if they sell it for free, they can't ever sell it for a price anymore. I believe it's also part of their TOS.

        Ever heard of a thing called Visa and Mastercard debit?

      Pull a Home Alone. Rip your parents' credit card and blow it on 5 star hotels, Duncan's toy chest and Apps.

    Also I assume Android has a "top paid apps" list of some sort.

    But 90% off and it's 10c? Was it only a dollar to begin with? Isn't it like $7.50 here?

      It's not "90%" off. It's part of a 10 day Android promotion where they're celebrating their 1 billionth app sale or something, so each day has 10 premium apps at only 10c (yeah, it's a '10' thing) and today, Minecraft is one of them.

      IMO it's better than the Apple one where they rewarded ONE guy with like $10,000 of iTunes credit...

    DONE. Marketplace on my phone had it at $6.68, but going straight to the store (linked in article) does get it for AU$0.10. Hopefully the deal is still going tonight so I can get it for my girlfriend on her account as well.

      Can you gift it?

        Can't see that sort of function anywhere... Gifting is listed on the 'suggest a feature' page so I'd say probably not.

    Was anybody else able to get this as it seems to have disappeared from the marketplace for me?

      I still see it there on the website (whether I'm logged in or not)

      I believe apps can appear or not appear based upon the version of Android your phone runs (compatibility or some such).

      I got it. Just head into the Marketplace app, and there SHOULD be a big banner at the very top with "10 day offers, top premium apps!" or something, just hit that and the list should come up.

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