Pink Chocobos And The Phoenix Down Woman Of My Dreams In The Latest Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens

Pink Chocobos And The Phoenix Down Woman Of My Dreams In The Latest Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens
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Oh Chocolina, with your modest demeanor and your adorable Phoenix Down outfit; who cares what the other 27 new screenshots have on them, as long as you’re here with me.

I don’t know why Square Enix decided that a Vegas showgirl was the appropriate choice for a shopkeeper in Final Fantasy XIII-2; I’ve stopped asking questions at this point. All I know is I must have her hat, and possibly a lovely sparkling pink Chocobo, or my life will not be complete.


  • So, when they sit down for character designing, do they split it in half? One side for designs that look stupid and one side for designs that they want girls to dress up in?

  • To me, the FF series has been downgraded from “Must buy, day one” to “Will wait for reviews”. It makes me sad, I used to love FF games. They then released FFXIII…

  • This game is looking more and more awesome.

    It seems like a new FF entirely, just with a continuing story – much greater depth, bigger options, less corridor-lol, training monster allies, conversation paths, etc.

    Can’t wait!

  • For me, that last screen shot is one of the reasons why i didn’t get into Final Fantasy 13. There is combat action under flashy lights under mountains of text, all with the colour level turned up to 11. I know I’m old and need glasses but all that flashy takes away from the combat for me. Add a constantly shifting camera angle and flowing, unpausable action and i get confused and angry. Plus the characters were meh, but that all personal opinion i guess.

  • I kind of want to play this, but i never finished 13 after my save file messed up somehow just after i got to Pulse.

    Don’t really wanna play the entire game again : /

  • Square Enix used to only produce quality games. Now I’d be hesitant to get any game developed by them, even if it was a game that received decent reviews. Their games are usually polished enough technically to merit at least an average score, but their gameplay since the PS2 era has been mediocre.

    I don’t know why. My guess is it’s a combination of them struggling to adjust to modern hardware as quickly as Western developers, and their inability to produce games that appeal to a Western demographic. The last really decent game they’ve produced in the series in my opinion is FFXII. It’s a pity they didn’t decide to build on the original gameplay ideas they’d developed in that game for their more recent turn based RPGs.

  • “It only bears fruit once every couple hundred years, during the time of the eclipse”
    ITEM ACQUIRED! You obtained a Fruit!

  • sigh…. i dont want that “what would i say here” crap.

    leave your western open world rpg’s out of my jrpg’s… there wont be anything for me to play >_<

    Guess ill just have to stop gaming… and focus on life, which sucks. Life is a shit game

  • I’m glad that they seem to have changed up the formula of FFXIII at least a little bit for its sequel. I wanted to play FFXIII and get into it, but it just got so tedious.
    I still wanna play this even though I thought the character of Serah was annoying… not that she was the most annoying character in FFXIII by a long shot :-P… I just hope she’s changed or changes in this game to the point that I won’t mind playing as her through most of the game.

    I feel like I should actually finish FFXIII though, before playing this one… but how could I play it when I’ve got Zelda, and Skyrim, and Assassin’s Creed, and Uncharted, and all these other games I haven’t finished or even played yet? Maybe I should just get it out of the way…

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