Play Batman: Arkham City, L.A. Noire And Other AAA Games On Your IPad

Play Batman: Arkham City, L.A. Noire And Other AAA Games On Your IPad

Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to play Batman: Arkham City on your iPad. No, not the just-announced Arkham City Lockdown. The real one, the big-boy PC version. It’s happening courtesy of OnLive and it’s impressive enough to make you consider trading in your Xbox 360 or PS3 for Apple’s lightweight tablet.

You know OnLive. They’re the company that lets you play AAA and indie games in the cloud, meaning you don’t need an actual disc or high-end PC to run heavyweights like the original Crysis. Last year, they launched their MicroConsole, an iPhone-sized device that brought the same cloud-gaming functionality to garden-variety HDTVs. A nifty trick, even if it requires a wired Ethernet connection to pull it off. But OnLive’s latest feat may be its most impressive, as it turns iPhones, iPads, Kindle Fires and a slew of other smartphones into places where you can play the latest blockbuster games. The video above shows off OnLive’s app and new Universal OnLive Controller in action as I play Trine and Batman: Arkham City over the wifi connection at Kotaku Tower. What I can’t show yet is L.A. Noire. OnLive’s integrating touch controls for many of the games they offer, including Rockstar’s hit detective release. The tweaking’s still happening to make L.A. Noire playable via fingertips, but it will work with a controller when it hits the OnLive marketplace.

Still, a development like this is enough to make you forget all about the just-announced . For the $US49.99 price of the new controller and a free app download, you can play hits Assassin’s Creed Revelations wherever you please. The new OnLive app launches tomorrow and the Universal OnLive Controller will be available soon. We’ll have more on OnLive’s app and new tablet initiative tomorrow.


  • Is this available in AU?
    I’m sure people are worried about lag…. have they actually managed to overcome that issue?

    • Well if some people can actually play killzone then im guessing the input lag might not bother some people as much as you would hink Haha

  • My friend and I were talking about starting a similar company here when the NBN rolls out properly. Could be the new future.

  • @Fenix yes they have overcome Lag, if you are close to their datacenters. No it’s not available in Aus, since the round trip delay to the US is just way too long

      • “Moving closer to the datacentre” may not be the correct terminology, however that can solve many issues which we interpret as lag.
        If you live 200kms away, the speed will be slightly slower than if you live 5kms away. this move can solve some issues.
        Although it is not a guaranteed solution, it can solve some issues, but moving from one end of the house to another will have no effect

    • Cloud gaming is convenient, though I wouldn’t say it’s the future. I don’t like the idea of having the games, saved data etc stored on a server where I cannot use them at all if I were to lose internet access.

      • Like it or not, its going to happen, I’d say we could see a complete transition to cloud gaming and software provision in about 10+ years time. the future focus will be on advanced software and streaming tech. — turning every device into a portal that can do anything. —- its going to hurt to see our beloved gaming rigs become a thing of the past, but it will happen. Nvidia have already been ‘talking’ about ceasing development of multitudes of different graphics cards, opting for more standardised hardware, because the market/ business model is changing. and now everyone is so open and used to sharing their personal information ie facebook, it won’t be a far stretch to convince the masses to move their personal files/data to the cloud as well. tick tock….

    • If I was a young teenager with the money for games but not the console, I would be excited. It also seems to be a way to play your save files away from the console (at a friend’s place or work for example)
      But I agree, seems ridiculous to play an HD game on a tiny iPhone screen

  • I give it 15 years to reach us in a form that will actually rival consoles. Unless someone comes up with a way to improve ping performance dramatically this will never ‘feel’ the same as playing a game on real hardware. It’s a great idea but it’s removing ownership and freedom. Not connected to the net due to outage or connection issues – sorry you can’t play the videogames you’ve paid for — no thanks. Oh someone else wants to play games at the same time as you – sorry you’ll need to upgrade to a business plan to do that. I just don’t see it being viable for a long time. It is very exciting though.

  • Useless in Australia until we get decent ISP’s offering unlimited plans. 🙁 Oh and also till we get some healthy internets.

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