Police Say Christmas Gaming Drove Woman To Attack Children With Butcher Knife

Police Say Christmas Gaming Drove Woman To Attack Children With Butcher Knife

Allegedly enraged over her five-year-old son’s playing of a video game he received as a Christmas gift, Jutrina Tillman of Phoenix, Arizona, dragged the young boy into his bedroom and began to strangle him before threatening to kill him and his 13-year-old sister with a butcher knife.

Around 10PM on Christmas night Phoenix police received a 911 call from Tillman’s hysterical daughter, claiming the woman was attempting to kill her and her younger brother over a video game.

Tillman, who had reportedly been drinking throughout the day, flew into a rage over her five-year-old son’s playing of a new game he received as a holiday gift earlier that day. According to the daughter, the mother grabbed her son by the arm and dragged him into his bedroom. Hearing screaming, the daughter entered the room to find her mother strangling her little brother.

Tillman stopped attacking the boy, leaving the room only to return with a six to eight inch butcher knife, pointing it at the girl’s chest and brandishing it towards the boy, threatening to kill them both. When the daughter broke free and ran outside dialling 911, the mother grabbed the boy and bore him back inside the house, choking him with the crook of her arm.

Fortunately police arrived before either child was seriously hurt. Upon their arrival Tillman attempted to flee to a neighbor’s house but was taken into custody. The children are safe with relatives today, while Tillman herself is police custody, facing two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

So, how was your Christmas?

Police: Video game rage ends with mum attacking kids [KHPO.com]


  • Replace the words “christmas gaming” with the words “being crazy” and you get a little closer to the actual truth.

  • “Police Say Christmas Gaming Drove Woman To Attack Children With Butcher Knife”. The fact she had been drinking all day didn’t have much to do with it. That’s great police work – chief Wiggum would be proud.

    • Okay self, remember there are reasons to have faith in humanity. Think of the people who save beached whales! They’re fantastic. Man, maybe I’ll join them. Bloody useless police. This is one good reason to learn Martial Arts. But! Whales. *furrows brow*

      • Wiggum would have had a beer with her. Really this story should be ‘Drunken mother strangled son’ then point out the dangers of being a freaking alcoholic. Not necessarily crazy but definitely an irresponsible parent.

  • The fact the kid was gaming is incidental. He could have been jumping on a trampoline when his drunken (that part is important) mother went nuts.

  • Its Fact, Video games make people go crazy even if they are in the same room its being played!!, video games must be banned, can someone please THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!

    alcohol doesn’t cause violence, what type of nonsense is that, watching a screen that happens to be a video game causes murderous behavior.

  • This is seriously just a case of irresponsible reporting by the media and irresponsible announcements by the police. Gaming had nothing to do with it, the kid playing it didn’t actually do anything, it was his crazy-ass mother who flew off the handle and went ballistic at him over him playing with his christmas presents.

  • 5 yo boy was sitting quietly doing his homework when his mother, who had been drinking, came in and threatened to kill him.

    Oh god no more homework, it’s deadly!

    When I read the title I half expected her to have lost in a competitive match with the boy.
    The lesson from this is don’t drink if you’re batshit crazy

  • Ergh, replace ‘christmas gaming’ with ‘soccer playing’, ‘refusing to clean room’, ‘reading a book’, anything else and it’d be the same story.

    • You mention ‘dumbest’ twice referring to a certain race of people, yet you, yourself are dumb enough to misspell stabbings.

      I’d personally stop letting people like you into North America, stupidity is contagious and believe me, I feel my IQ may have just lowered slightly from reading your post.

      Just taking a quick stand at it…. oh I mean stab. xD

  • What a horrible mother. It’s not video games that drove the mother mad, it was alcohol plus an inability to act like a parent. I hope she gets sent to the loony bin, she obviously isn’t right in he head

  • But hey, I need to do all kinds of crap to own a dog legally but space-wasters like this can pop out all the kids they want.

  • Title should be “Bat shit crazy mother danger to her children, Police to chicken shit to call it as they see it”. Seriously the call was made at 10pm, the kid was 5, she was just a shitty parent even before she started drinking.

  • “Tonight, on FOX NEWS: Phoenix, Arizona; A perfectly sober African-American woman walked by a television set when she was suddenly paralyzed with fear and “negative energy” after seeing her son playing a computer-murder-simulator game he had received as quote, “a Christmas gift”.”

    *Cut to the News Anchor with a look of disdain as he shakes his head in blatant disapproval*

    “Anyway, matters are made horrifyingly worse when her 13 year old daughter entered the room and was immediately brainwashed by the same content and was driven even more insane given her weak mentality and impressionable age. She grabbed a butcher knife and began swinging.

    The aforementioned mother, Shaneequa Tillman, says she had no other choice but to employ her Capoeira-Jiujitsu techniques not only for self-defense but to hopefully scare the girl off; a girl who at that moment was no longer her daughter. Police arrived at the house shortly after which only exacerbated and implicated Ms. Tillman’s in this tragic situation.

    Shaneequa was heard telling police that she was convinced she had seen the devil in her children’s eyes. Eyes that were perfectly fine before videogames came along.

    Now, the case has still yet to conclude but we at Fox News send our deepest sympathies to Ms. Tillman. We know you’re innocent And now, the weather…”

  • So a mother attempts to murder her 2 children just because 1 of them is playing a game and yet the bad guy in all of this is the game. Not the alcohol or the shitty parenting that obviously is going on since good parents don’t get shit faced in front of their kids… it’s clearly the game’s fault for being so fun to play.

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