Portal 2 Is Games Radar's Most Favorite 2011 Video Game

Their readers thought the best video game of 2011 was Skyrim, but the editors of Games Radar have picked Portal 2. It's their top game of the year.

The readers' second favourite game was Batman: Arkham City. But the editors? They didn't pick a second-favorite. The don't do silver medals at Games Radar.

GAME OF THE YEAR 2011 (FOR REAL): Portal 2 [Games Radar]


    Told you. Every contender will get someone to name it GOTY, so they can all release a new edition of the game in 2012.

    i saw this and was pretty happy

    i mean, skyrim was a really great game, but i have a feeling that if it hadn't have been released closer to the end of the year, it wouldn't have won as many...

    as i said i loved skyrim, but portal 2 was a greater experience overall for me

      Yo, I'm really happy for Skyrim, I'ma Let you finish, but Portal2 is one of the best videos games of all time!

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