Portal Christmas Tree Is Absolutely Genius

Here's further proof that basically everything goes better with Portal. Redditor Tyamykal has posted a photo of his Portal-fied Christmas tree, which certainly beats the hell out of the 20 years' worth of musty tinsel I festooned all over my folks' tree this year.

For more Aperture-inspired sculptures, see New York City's giant Companion Cube.

[Tymykal via Reddit/hat tip to Precious Roy]


    The first thought that came to my head was "That is ridiculously awesome"

    Personally I would've gotten a tree taller than the roof and simply 'portal' the top of it somewhere in the room.

    This guy put the idea on my head though!

      Now you're thinking with portals!

    I love it haha, would prefer if it was the other way around

    Nice, but the colours are incorrect or I'm just colourblind.

      They're using Christmas lights so they're blue and red. I imagine it'd be hard to get orange

    When the portal gun is real the world will Be AWESOME!!!!!

    It would have been even cooler if the tree was upright, the bottom half glued to the ceiling and the top part serving as a mini-tree somewhere else.

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