Prototype 2 Is All About The Thrill Of The Hunt

The developers at Radical talk about how you'll be stalking James Heller's prey in the upcoming open-world sequel. Eating enemies is featured in this behind-the-scenes look, along with new insights into combat and quests. You'll get your chance to hunt through Prototype 2's ruined New York City when the game hits in April 2012.


    Bulletproof seems like it would break the game, depending on if it is affected by helicopter bullets and tanks

      only from small firearms i personally want to try rocket arm that sounds fun
      also same name wow

    Shame that activision is publishing this

      Occassionally they do something great - War for Cybertron was one of the best games of 2010, Skylanders is actually a decent idea for a kids game, the original Prototype was good also, hopefully this hits for them because it looks like a vast improvement over the first one.

    Omg you can slice off chopper blades! I wanted to do that in part 1!!! :D :D :D

    This is looking like what AC2 was to AC1, the game part 1 should have been! :D

      dont forget just cause 2 and it's comparison to JC. This is why I love sequels, they really let a dev flesh out the concept of a promising game

    I tuned out the moment he said 'visceral'.

    looks fun.

    I don't want to play as a 'thug', I want to play as Alex Mercer :\

    I'll probably skip this game now.

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