Quickflix Is Available On Australian PS3s From Tomorrow

I always found Australia's lack of a Netflix alternative on console disturbing, but starting from tomorrow all Australian PS3s will have access to Quicklflix — a subscription based service that allows users to stream video content through their consoles.

The service costs $14.99 per month and provides access to a library of content that is constantly updating. Apparently Quickflix is also offering the first three months for $4.99 for early adopters.

"PlayStation 3 in Australia has today made another leap forward in our home entertainment on demand offering with the exciting addition of the home grown Aussie movie subscription service, Quickflix, to our platform," said Michael Ephraim, Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia. "It’s great to be partnering with an innovative, fast growing Australian company making inroads in the multichannel delivery of movie content that will provide our customers even more entertainment choices."

Previously Sony Australia launched MUBI locally, and while its a great service, MUBI didn't really provide the kind of mainstream movie content required to really break through to a broad audience. I love MUBI — I'm a terrible movie snob — but I'm also interested in a slick, easy way to stream other movies onto my home television. This Quickflix thing may end up being a decent solution.


    Thanks to Erebus on Gizmodo I'll be skipping this:

    video: 480p
    audio: 128kbps, AAC Audio, Stereo

    DVD quality streaming, no thanks I'll stick to blu-rays

      you really wanna steam a bluray quality movie? I want your internet connection

        If the content is hosted locally i dont see how 1080p would be an issue?

      No worries :)
      I frequent Kotaku more than Gizmodo and read the article there first haha.

      It doesn't need to be 1080p, but at least 720p and 5.1 sound.
      If you can download a pirated copy that does this, why would you pay for inferior quality?

      But I think a waiting period is needed also. The content they have is quite old. It will be interesting to see if they change the streaming options for video/audio once new releases appear on the service.

        didnt know the quality would be so sucky, definitely not getting it then. you can pirate 720p films and blu-ray, not just 480p, so why-tf would u pay for 480p, like erebus said. and most people in metro centres have speeds capable of streaming or at least downloading high def videos, maybe u should increase your cap or something..

    DVD quality would be fine with me, given that not all movies would have Bluray quality, but there is only one thing that is stopping me jumping on a service like this, one of these services need to be unmetered with some ISP.

    If that was to happen, then sign me up!

    Wonder if they will make a 360 version of the app :)

    I actually wouldn't mind subscribing, I'd have to see what the quality is like first, possibly through some kind of trial, but I'm definitely open to the idea.

    Minus hyperbole:

    “PlayStation 3 in Australia has today made another on demand offering with the addition of Quickflix to our platform”
    “It’s great to be providing our customers with more entertainment choices.”

      I should add that this sort of thing is good now that you have ISPs starting to offer unlimited downloads

    I signed up to the streaming only service and have been watched a few movies on my computer so far. As for the quality I would not say it matches DVD quality at all times there have been a few movies with quite noticeably blocky compression in some scenes. However the main reason that I'll probably cancel my account before the end of this bill cycle is the shocking lack of content. I'd say there is a maximum of 240 movies all quite dated and only 5 or six of any real intrest to me. Granted that it is very early days so I will probably check in a year or so later as I really like the idea of the netflix model.

      this! All 90's movies

    Yeah ... that's not good. With the amount of data being streamed it will probably be inferior to even DVD quality. Most importantly though the selection is utter, for lack of a better word, crap.

    Yeah I'll stick with my Xbox, Netflix, VPN $8 a month and HD quality

    I'll stick with the physical copies thank you.

    if they get a better selection, then we'll talk. i had a quick look this morning and was very underwhelmed by what i saw.

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