Rainbow Six: Patriots To Explode In 2013

Told from the terrorists' perspective, this is the debut trailer for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Patriots, shown moments ago at the Spike Video Game Awards. Even given its fuck-the-man tone, it was little weird hearing the crowd cheer that suicide bombing with such verve.

The game's coming in 2013, says Ubisoft.


    And how is that in any way to be considered a suicide bombing?

      Yeah, smacks of murder to me. Murder most foul. ;)

      I liked the trailer. Good to see a strong focus on the story, although I get the feeling they're trying VERY hard to be topical.

    Yeah, I don't really see that as a 'suicide' bombing - but regardless; How the hell is this ever going to be released. The plot revolves around what? A bunch of 'Sovereign Citizens' in a country gone to shit - in a world where there is a constant out-cry of video games invoking violent behaviour in real life. The premise to me is pretty awesome (if fictional)- but I don't see the American government letting their own people play something like this. If they did I would see it as some sort of psychological provocation.

    There are a lot of crackpots (or are they?) with guns that are very pissed off with their government living in the US. Their republic is based on the very foundation that if the government ever ends up in the hands of a privatised monetary system the people should rise up against them. It's why they have a right to guns anyway. There are a ton of quotes of the founding fathers themselves to prove my point. And they want to put this all out in a video game? For thousands to millions of people to play and think about? This is just crazy. My head is swimming.

      It's not the government pushing for a ban that I'd worry about. It's those ultra religious and ultra conservative groups like our own ACL that would try to get it banned for "the sake of the children" or because it brings to light a subject they'd like to think exists only in fiction.

    I don't think those guys are meant to be the goodies. Right? It seems to me more, that it's making a statement about the misuse of violence, and the misinterpretation of what those founding fathers said about patriotism and stuff. Know what I mean? Sounds like an interesting story or concept and I'm not really sure why the government would ban it..?

      But it is a narrative - there are already many book and movies out with these sorts of themes. And as you're playing as one of the Rainbow Six team no doubt your goal is to stop them. It's hardly promoting any sort of political violence. If America is allowed to have people protesting with signs saying "God Hates Fags" then censoring this game is equally out of the question.

        who cares its another game i get to FIRE GUNZ

        Exactly - watching this just reminds me of Arlington Road or any number of other domestic-terrorism movies that the US has put out - their Government won't do a thing to censor this - ours might - that's what I'd worry about.

        As for Lasher's point about gun toting survivalists ready to take up arms against the government - well yeah you have those kinda people everywhere you go I guess - my guess is most of them don't get their shootin' thrills in front of the TV!

    2013?! Hopefully its next gen in that case:)

    Occupy Rainbow Six

      Those protestors must've found themselves a nice armory some where...

        It's legal to own RPGs in some states in the USA, so I doubt it was too difficult for them :P

    I have no idea how anyone who is remotely familiar with the Rainbow Six franchise could misconstrue the people in that trailer as the player character(s)... these are clearly the game's central antagonists, duh.

    Also, this is looking like a current gen game, almost no question. We won't be seeing the new consoles until mid-late 2013 at the earliest (at least when it comes to the Xbox 3/PS3/whatever), and the progress on this game makes it seem like it'll be Q1/Q2 2013, which is really not that far away in marketing terms.

      @meaculpa/clinky etc.. yeah.. i see it now. I think my little rant was based on the fact that I automatically perceived the dudes strapping the bomb to the exec or whatever as the protagonists. The voice over made the assumption.But then the game becomes some sort of propaganda focusing on the exact same point from the other point of view.

      I loved Fight Club.

    This mostly looks alright. Mostly.

    If this game causes one person to kill a high ranking executive from Goldman Sachs...... Good. I do like that it's told from the terrorists side, but does that mean the player takes control of a terrorist, killing CT operatives etc? People are going to lose their shot over this.

      I imagine the trailer is just giving you the enemies perspective on things, or they will paint the government as corrupt thus somewhat justifying their actions.

        I think you are right. There is just no effing way they will allow the player to plan and execute terrorist actions. Personally, I reckon that would be brilliant, a great twist on a fairly old and stale concept. Fingers crossed.

    My only complaint is having to wait so long. Big Rainbow Six fan here. Sad to see Vegas gone, really liked those games. Kinda wished/wish for a third but really interested in this new take. Seems more fitting for today.

    At least Ubisoft are aiming their sights further in the future rather than closer. Cause no doubt we would've expected delays and possibly still could... hope I don't jinx that!

      I liked the vegas games to, but I think 2 was enough any more and I think it would end up like assassins creed 2/brotherhood/revolations, somtimes I think more is less.I think if the rainbow six games were on a yearly release like C.O.D. I would have lost intrest years ago.

    Fuck thats a pretty br00tal clip!

      I would have thought you would mean "brutal".

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