Rayman And Stuff! A Winner Is You!

Last week was Competition week on Kotaku. This week is um — announce the winners of last week's competitions... week. I guess. Today we're announcing the winners of the Rayman canvas competition.

The comp was for everything you can see in the above pic. An awesome Assassin's Creed art book, a copy of Marvel vs Capcom 3 and the Rayman canvas. A hodge podge of prizes to be sure, but awesome nonetheless.

Entering the competition was simple — we asked you to tell us in 25 words or less where you would hang the canvas.

The best entry and therefore winner of all the stuff is...

Neon Jackal I think the real question is, where wouldn’t I hang it? I definitely wouldn’t hang it on my dog, I don’t have a dog.

It's hard to explain why, but that just made me laugh.

Here are the customary honorable mentions.

Bearjam Back of toilet door. For looking at when I poop. Duh.

Ben Obviously I would use it to cover the hole in the wall caused from raging at Dark Souls

Jeremy I’ve got no space to hang it. I’d see if I could auction it at Mana Bar and donate proceeds to the starlight foundation.

Fernurion Hang it? No way! I’d put it atop a shopping trolley full of random objects, add some stuffed Rabbids and place the whole thing front and centre in my living room. What? I love Rabbids.

sarujin I would “hang” it in a public square, finally showing it is possible to hang Rayman, even if he has no neck.

Sughly Behind 3 inches of glass, a frame 2 metres thick, and a security cord 10 metres away from it ala Mona Lisa. No cameras allowed

Rhett I’d hang it in Shigeru Miyamoto’s office, take a pic of it, and send it to Michel Ancel.

Congrats to the winner, and thanks to all who entered!


    Damn, I thought I'd get extra credit for using the word 'burglar'

    dammit still gotta look at my ugly wifes face thanks kotaku

      hahah you just made my day much like mark i cant explain why but that just really made me lauhh

    Hmm, ah well, I'd still recomend a donation to Starlight. They do good work.

    Neon's answer made me crack up so hard... very deserving :P

    huzzah, closest I've ever got to winning a competiton here.

    Congrats Neon.

    God damn it, Neon 'Aaron' Jackal. Stop winning things.

      I did not think for a second that I would win with that, I mean, I thought it was funny but not that funny :D
      Thanks guys :D

    Damn, so close! Oh well, congrats to the winner.

    Shunned again, but again worthy winners won! :P

    Never mind. I still have my Michel Ancel hugging pillow to console me.

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