Razer Rakes In $50M, Noses Options For Going Public

Razer Rakes In $50M, Noses Options For Going Public

You might know them as the computer gear makers who love the colour green. Or maybe as the technology futurists who had a piece of that future stolen from their labs. But Razer seems themselves as a “cult” computer brand on the cusp of now only going mainstream, but perhaps public.

The game hardware company just secured $US50 million from a Beijing-based venture capital fund and executives are talking about making an initial public offering.

“We remain opportunistic and going public is one of the many routes we can take,” said Razer co-founder Min-Liang Tan. “We’re focused on our products and design and ultimately believe that those are key to a successful business, and the IPO process will sort itself out.”

Cult video gaming firm closer to IPO [ABS]


    • Google IPO. Means Razer will stop being a private company and list themselves to be a publicly traded company on a stock market (looks like either the NYSE, HKSE or SGX).

      Will be an interesting move – given the recent flop that was the Zynga IPO and thus the markets percieved reluctance to embrace tech IPO’s.

      IMO they will be better of listing in Singapore or Hong Kong

      • having been so well-known as a quality gaming brand (for me, as far as mouses (mice?) and keyboards go), i think they would do well, i can see people pointing razer stuff out to friends new to gaming and being like, yeah you want a razer mouse, none of that shitty logitech stuff.

    • I have Razer stuff I bought year’s ago and it still works with minimal wear and tear. I have bought apple products to only break within Months of buying. I don’t care about the price If I can use it for years. =]

    • My Razer gear still goes strong after a couple of years and my mates Razer mouse has been dropped, thrown and abused in everyway and still works perfectly and hardly a mark on it.

      Some people just have different experiences I guess.

      • people still buy ATI video cards without having any problems, which is hilarious to me because I HATE ATI VIDEO CARDS!!!! i have had so much trouble with them just randomly not working forever one day, wasted like $500+ buying different models of their shit and same crap always happens, going nvidia next time ftw. /end rant, my point is yeah, people have different experiences with companies -.-

    • Disagree, when they helped me, I got human responses, and they actually helped me fix my problem, even if they shipped a part from the US for me.

      Much better than Logitech.

      • Logitech has always replaced my faulty hardware within 2 weeks. I bought a dozen of mice, keyboards headsets from them and used them for many years and only 1 mouse and one headset needed to be changed.

  • Onza crumbled away from use 4 months after purchase, characias died suddenly 6 months after purchase, chimaera’s earmuff fell off, got a replacement and it was broken out of the box. Just because your item hasn’t broken yet doesn’t mean their products are good. 3/3 items broken within 6 months, they will never get my money again.

  • I dropped some cash on a Razer Naga mouse and a Megladon 7.1 headset, really good products. And they glow blue not green. The mouse is great for MMOs, and 7.1 makes a big difference in locating audio cues. Much better than stereo headphones, I did that for 10 years.

  • My Razer Xbox controller, the one with the tension adjustable sticks, is shit.
    Started great, but within two months the left sticks calibration always pulls back.
    So my game character wont stand still but will walk backwards slowly.
    Menu screens it keeps scrolling down.
    So its been put in the cupboard and forgotten about.

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