Record 3D Movies On Your 3DS Starting Now

The new 3DS update just hit in North America bringing with, among other things, the ability to create your own 3D videos.

The update that just hit gives the Nintendo 3DS the ability to shoot up to 10 minutes of 3D footage with the camera. And to create your own stop-motion photography.

Other additions include the ability to transfer batches of data from one 3DS to another and a new StreetPass feature that lets you see on a map where you met other Mii. Finally, Mii mini-RPG game Find Mii is getting a little sequel.

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    Yay for having a US 3DS! I was hoping Find Mii would get something new, as I finished it twice and got that cool-as purple demon hat.

    As this is, the 3DS camera quality is pretty poor

      The real benefit will be watching downloaded movies ;)


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        I finished the second run of Find Mii a couple of months back and only just started collecting coins for any future updates earlier this week. Only got 50 to use. =(

          got bored with the 3DS a while back and just setup the charger on my washing machine, checked back today and i'm up 392 coins.

    Yup definitely live for us. I really like the new Streetpass Quest. Letting you re-hire Mii's you've encountered in the past is an excellent feature (also the opening 'cutscene' made me laugh, even though it was slightly corny xD).

    So when do we get our GBA games????

    This is only half related but I have a genuine query: how do I download anything onto my 3DS without it cancelling half-way/never actually starting before cancelling?

    I had this problem with the first system update thingy - it would either download perfectly, the progress bar getting to around half-way before the visualisation thing would slow and only show me getting 1 instead of 4 little information droplets (if you have a 3DS you know what i'm talking about) and make seemingly no progress before cancelling, or just start off with only 1 of 4 thingies then cancel after about a minute. After trying around 30 times to update, i googled the shell out of it and the only solution i could find was "format your 3ds and try again", which I did, and it worked (but this seems to have been a one off thing maybe, the problem persists). I've since been trying to download the free Zelda game and now the update, but with the same lack of progress. I would format again, but over the last few months I've acquired all of those NES games (each taking about 20 tries before working), Links Awakening (same deal) and a million street pass hits and mii quest thingy progress and don't want to format because I'll lose all that.

    Anyway, my router is fine, it's super fast and stable for every other wifi device in the house, my internet speed and download capacity are fine, so why the devil do my 3DS downloads always cancel? Has anyone else ever had this problem/know of a solution other than formatting? I've tried being really close to the router, configuring wifi settings differently, downloading at 4 in the morning when the servers are empty, etc, to no avail. Is it my router? Is my 3DS defective? Am I just having bad luck? Does Nintendo Australia just have terrible servers? It's infuriating I tells ya!!

    Anyway, thanks very much in advance and sorry for the long rant/question. :)

      Try a different router at a friend's place or work/school/uni or a free spot at McDonalds. Might just be something weird with your router.

        Why has this never occured to me? Cheers man, hopefully this works!

    y bother shoot in 3D when u can shoot in 2D and convert and play in real time with the 3D box from limenets IT solutions /plug

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