Relax Guys, Shadow Complex 2 Will Almost Definitely Come Out Before We All Die

Relax Guys, Shadow Complex 2 Will Almost Definitely Come Out Before We All Die

On any given day I reckon I could make a strong argument for the original Shadow Complex being my favourite XBLA game ever. Maybe. So to hear Donald Mustard from Chair Entertainment reassure us all that a sequel is very much in the works and being thought about. Apparently it’s about finding the “right opportunity.”

Infinity Blade II is being released, in the wake of the original’s barnstorming success, and while success is always good for the games industry as a whole, a part of me did wonder if said success had held back any chance we had of getting a sequel to Chair’s Metroidvania reimagining.

Thankfully Joystiq tracked down an answer, and that answer is ‘no’!

“No, I think that’s a complete misnomer,” said Donald Mustard, Creative Director and co-founder of Chair.

“Now that we’ve made the first Shadow Complex we kind of know what we’re doing and we feel like we can really bring a lot to the Metroidvania genre and Shadow Complex franchise. We want it to be amazing, we want it to be perfect, and we want it to be delivered on the right platforms. It’s really about finding the right opportunity for Shadow Complex, not that we’ve been diverted in any way.

“Everyone on our team at Chair will be dead long before we run out of games we want to make. So we try to be very careful about where we spend our time.”

Good news everyone — we will most likely get Shadow Complex before we’re all dead. Probably.

Mustard: Infinity Blade success didn’t stall Shadow Complex 2 [Joystiq]


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