Relic Working On Company Of Heroes 2?

Oh please God let this be true.

The rumours section of the latest issue of PC Gamer magazine says that, in addition to its work on yet another Dawn of War game, THQ's Relic is also gearing up for something to do with Company of Heroes.

They don't explicitly say what that is, but the chances of it being an expansion to a 2006 game are, well, remote. So after I get down hoping this is true, I'm going to hope it's a sequel, and not some action game spin-off.

We've contacted THQ for comment and will update if we hear back.

PC Gamer January 2012 [PC Gamer]


    Hope its dedicated to their own fallen member who passed away a true hero... :(

    Honestly, I hope they don't make a 'sequel'. Sure, make another RTS but don't try and cash in on the name. CoH is about the best RTS ever IMO, and another CoH will never be as good as the first.

      Im sure they said that about Command and Conquer as well, but then we got Red Alert...


    I want a Home world 3 thank you VERY much. We do NOT need a another WW2 game.

      yes, another homeworld game, with proper mod support with out the mods i would have stopped playing 2 ages ago

    Guess I'll be the odd one out here and say woooooooooooot bring on a sequel!

    Company of Heroes is a criminally underrated game and easily one of the best RTS's of all time. Bring on COH2!!!!!!

    Sweet - hopefully its a FPS....

    I keed, I keed. I do want a new DOW, a new COH and a new Homeworld though - get on it Relic, you have some of my favourite Ip's of all time at your disposal.

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