Relive The Horrors Of Dating With This Party Flirting Game

Drink or say something stupid. Drink. Drink then say something stupid. Drink. Drink then try and say something charming, only to end up saying something stupid.

That's how flirting goes for most people at a party, and for some unknown reason if you feel like reliving the experience, FlirtOff absolutely nails it.

After creating your avatar, you've got to juggle conversation topics with the amount of booze you inhale, trying to get the balance just right enough for you to get some lip action.

Which probably won't happen. Just like real life. So, yes, this isn't just a game, it's a simulation.

FlirtOff [FlirtOff, via IndieGames]


    for you maybe

    This game is a piece of crap Luke. You make it sound clever, you make it sound like it involves meaningful choices. It does not.

    Basically this game is a "word find" game. You get shown a screen with one meaningful word - "Hi" - and a bunch of gibberish - "Gorp", SPloooorgga". You have to click the real word within a few seconds. You keep doing that until you finish off a sentence.

    Stop being so bad at your job Luke.

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