Remember This? [UPDATED]

Do you remember the game from this fragment of a screenshot? I was introduced to this game only a few days ago having completely missed it when it was originally released. It is pretty durn neat! Leave your answer in the comments and if no one gets it by 2pm I'll post a clue.


    Operation Wolf?

    Secret of Mana... seeing as how The Dig has already been guessed

      Sorry Shane, but I genuinly thought it might have been The Dig :)

    Aladdin (virgin games version)

    Ironman... C64?

      Or perhaps one of the BMX games. Definitely looks like a C64 colour pallet.


      or super skidmarks? I loved those games. Cows on wheels?

        cows towing caravans? sure, why not?

    Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

    Well my first thoughts were "Well that's either Jungle Strike or Desert Strike" but since those have already been guessed let's go with Urban Strike. :P


    Airborne ranger - but looks like desert strike

      Beaten by a minute! But it Does look look like the sand/trenches in Airborne.

        Haha, sorry. Looks like we're both wrong either way. :)


      Maybe Dune 2

    MERCS? Cannon Fodder (1,2,3 ... )

      There's no cannon fodder 3! Don't lie to me like that :(

    Desert/Jungle Strike

    Prince of persia. (only cause Desert strike has already been guessed)

      Quest for glory 2

      or Kings quest 5

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