Remember This?

It's box art Monday! Do you remember the game from this fragment of box art? I have seen this game with two different covers, so I went with the more common one (which is to say that I went with the cover that I actually own). Leave your answer in the comments!


    Is this that Stranglehold game?

      Oh. My God.


        AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA bad luck Tracey :)

          Coming back with a 1-pixel vengeance next time.

        Woo, I got one! I used to see the cover all the time at JB HIFI, it was always cheap and I never bought it even though I thought it might be decent enough for a play through.

          It actually is a pretty fun game.

      I reckon you're spot on there!

        Yeah, bit late to the party on that one!

    Need for Speed?

      There's no Need for Speed when Simon is around!

        Well, my 2002 Pulsar is a beast.


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