Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single portion of a screenshot? Yesterday it took you a whole two minutes to get the right answer (Tracey was very upset) but let's see how you all go with this one! As always I'll drop an update later if you're all struggling.


    Super Star Wars?

      Winner, me thinks. (right comment this time :P)


    I've always wondered how you both react to a five-minute guess, I see Mark throwing a tantrum and Tracy narrowing her eyes with menace and racking her brain for an obscure import from Russia.

    As for the picture, I'll guess full throttle, but without much confidence.

    Sorry Tracey :(

    Super Star Wars

      Winner, me thinks. :)


          Oh, oops. My bad. Sorry. :)

            Damnit! I finally get one and I'm beaten to the bunch by 7 minutes.

            Shouldn't have been working on my '7 minute abs'.

    "Tracey was very upset"

    Where do you think we get our sustinance from, Mark? From the shock we cause Tracy at how fast we solve these.


    *Laughs so manically The Joker runs to Batman for protection.*

    Definitely Super Star Wars...

    Magic Carpet?

    Good to see some 16bit titles making it into remember this, more 16bit games!

    I was thinking Metal Slug - forget which one, but it's on the beach and has crabs that spit bubbles at you, etc.

    cannon fodder

    The Dig.

    It's the bit where they dig.

    Damn it I knew this one as soon as I saw the ss, should keep Kotaku AU open at all times at work. Congrats to Rod.

    Dune.. the one made by Cryo.

    Well, okay. That's not what's in the pic, but it's what I remember when I look at it :)

    metal slug or Sonic & Knuckles (dessert stage)

    Aladdin on sega mega drive...

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