Remember This?

It's that time of the day again — can you remember this game name from a single screenshot? Can I type 'screenshot' without accidentally typing 'screenshit' and frantically deleting what I've just written? These are big questions, and I'm hoping for answers.

If you folks are struggling I'll update this with another pic later in the afternoon.


    Metal Gear Solid 2
    Shadow of the Colossus

    (it looks like water to me - like the ocean or something)

    full throttle or grim fandango

    Goldeneye first level - The Dam

      My first thought the moment I saw it too.

    Final Fantasy VIII? (just a random guess, I don't expect it to be correct...)

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater ...... what you see when you mess up.

    Hi Octane - though I think the road texture was a little flatter.
    Maybe Carmageddon.

    Goldeneye on n64!

      ^^^ this ^^^

        i think you might be right come looking at it a bit better

      that's what I thought

    redneck rampage?

      Oh, man. I loved that game. I remember building levels in, uh, build... and driving around on the dirt bike. :D

    The opening to BioShock? After the plane crash and you swim to the surface?

    Test Drive 6

    Goldenye 64

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