Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this fragment of a screenshot? This here is a game that I like but no one else seems to like. I'm not sure how much this narrows the game down given that most people believe that I have poor taste in everything. Leave your answers in the comments! Clues will go up throughout the day if no one guesses the game.


    Another World / Out of this World?

      First thing that came to my mind too.

    Perfect Dark on N64

      Scratch that - just read your comment about most people not liking it.

      Tomb Raider or Final Fantasy XI?

    Prince of Persia 2008?

      Oh man!

      Good work, dude. I didn't think anyone had even played it, lol. But yes, the game is Ubisoft's Prince of Persia from late 2008. Man, I even had a whole bunch of back-up clue screenshots lined up. Oh well. You win this round, Glenn!

        I should have known this! I'm one of the apparently few people who liked the game. My thinking was blinkered because I was focusing on older games.

        Nice work Glenn.

        That game was brilliant. For shame any one who thinks otherwise!

        Woo, I actually got one!

        Don't worry Tracey, I loved PoP 2008. The art style was fantastic and exploration was simple and fun... I didn't mind the whole Elika rescuing you if you fell, it sure beats waiting for a checkpoint to reload.

      Good one! This title is on my pile of shame, so now I'm doubly shamed.

    People who didn't like PoP 2008 make me sad. I really enjoyed it, personally, though I thought the game's structure, gating everything with the light seeds thing was a little weak & repetitive.

      The light seeds thing was definitely annoying. A lot of people complained about the game not allowing you to "die" because Elika dives in to save you, but I thought that was great. Screw replaying whole sections of a game just because you fail a certain point!

        The funny thing is that I guarantee if they had had a quick black screen and then had you reappear at whatever starting platform you were on, no one would have complained at all.

          The Elika quicksave feature was a faster more efficient way to resuming gameplay without having to replay a tremendous amount of game because of 1 slip-up or sit through an extended loading screen.

          In my opinion it makes the feel of the game much quicker and helps with the immersion of the world (which is then broken by Nolan North's American accented Persian prince) as you're never removed from the gameplay (which is adventure/exploration, not action.

      I loved the idea of constantly rediscovering places you had been to time-and-time again.

        That's what I liked about it also, perhaps 1001 Light Seeds was abit of overkill (even though I did get them all! Platinum!), but I loved the idea of needing the "Red Power" to get to Point A or whatever. The puzzles weren't as good as the previous PoP trilogy, but the art style was gorgeous!

        The ending to the game made me rage pretty hard though, and I refuse to acknowledge the Epilogue DLC, which didn't really resolve anything. I am still waiting for a sequel to this game.


      Not likely, the last achievements a tease though, claiming the adventure's just begun!

    This is a bit weird. I was looking at prince of persia on ebay (found it for $2.80)
    got bored and opened kotaku. I knew what it was straight away.

      You are clearly psychic.

    Posting just to say that I didn't like 2008.

    Although I am confused that Demons/Dark Souls can be so praised and earlier PoP games so condemned for what amounts to the same thing. Or even an early Megaman title - if there's one series that put 'dying-over-and-over-again-at-the-same-spot' on the map, it's Megaman.

    Wow... that screenshot looks kind of awful :P

    My first thought was A Boy And His Blob.

    Prince of Persia 2008 is a rhythm game. It's Guitar Hero as platformer. Once you get your head around that concept it's quite an enjoyable game. I suspect if it had been released as it's own game rather than awkwardly shackling it to the Prince of Persia franchise, that it might have been a little more successful or at least received significantly less not entirely undeserved fan hate.

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